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Isys i/O® WiFi Touchpanel

  • 10.4" Active Matrix Touchscreen Display
  • 16-bit Isys i/O Graphics Engine
  • 800 x 600 SVGA Resolution

This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

Crestron's incredible Isys i/O TPMC-10 WiFi Touchpanel is a high performance 2-way wireless touchpanel featuring Wi-Fi wireless communications and native capabilities for accessing e-mail, streaming multimedia, and browsing the Internet. A generous 10.4" active-matrix SVGA display and 16-bit color depth combine to produce astounding 3D graphics, dynamic text, full-motion animations, and animated pop-ups.

Embedded PC
The power of Isys i/O is in its embedded PC engine, combining rock solid touchpanel performance with built-in Windows Media® Player, Internet Explorer, and MS Inbox, plus viewers for PowerPoint®, Excel, Word, and Adobe® Acrobat® files. Running the Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET operating system behind the scenes, the TPMC-10 enables Internet access while maintaining secure and reliable touchpanel performance. Programmatic application control erases the lines between control system and PC, allowing programmers to customize each application's behavior to create a truly powerful and user-friendly interface.

Wi-Fi Wireless
Integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi technology with WEP encryption delivers secure, high-speed 2-way wireless performance across existing wireless LAN's, affording total mobile freedom and seamless communications with Crestron control systems, computers, digital media servers, and other IP-based devices.

Advanced Ergonomics
Far more than a mere tablet PC, the TPMC-10 is ingeniously designed to provide a powerful mobile control solution in a compact package that's easy to hold and intuitive to use. The ergonomic shape shifts effortlessly from tabletop to laptop, featuring a sleek contoured base that rests comfortably across one leg. Its smart design achieves an optimal viewing angle under any use, with four programmable hard buttons and an integrated thumbpad to provide tactile control of audio volume, channel selection, OSM navigation, or even pan/tilt cameras.

For text-intensive applications, two onboard USB ports allow the connection of an external mouse and keyboard (sold separately). A VGA output is also provided to enable display of the touchpanel image on a larger monitor or audience display.

High-Quality Audio
To complement its incredible graphics and computer capabilities, the TPMC-10 delivers great sounding audio from its built-in high-powered tuned-port speaker system. An integrated microphone and stereo headphone output are also provided.

Docking Station Option
Placing the TPMC-10 into the optional TPMC-10-DS Docking Station provides a convenient charging solution while simultaneously allowing the touchpanel to be operated in an upright position, with additional USB connectivity provided to support a stationary mouse and keyboard (sold separately).

Key Features

  • 10.4" Active Matrix Touchscreen Display
  • 16-bit Isys i/O Graphics Engine
  • 800 x 600 SVGA Resolution
  • 802.11g Wi-Fi Wireless Communications
  • Embedded PC Applications for Streaming Digital Media, Web Browsing, and E-mail
  • Versatile Ergonomic Design with Integrated Hard Buttons and Thumbpad
  • High-Powered Tuned-Port Speaker System


SmartHouse 2006 Best of the Best Awards: Best Touchscreen Controller

Isys i/O


For the second year in a row, SmartHouse has selected the TPMC-10 as the best touchscreen controller on the market. "We picked it last year and since then we have seen nothing better. This is the perfect blend of technology ... a stunning open standard management system that runs on an IP-based network. It's easy to use and highly practical. We also found it highly durable for remote use around a home."

2005 CE Pro High Impact Product of the Year

Isys i/O WiFi


CE Pro magazine has chosen the Crestron TPMC-10 as one of its CE Pro High Impact Products of 2005. There are only 13 winners and 7 honorable mentions, so this is a very elite award. CE Pro editors asked CE Pro readers to nominate products and manufacturers that had a particularly positive impact on their businesses during 2005. Readers were asked to select products that helped saved them money, got them new customers, or opened up a new product category for them.

TechLiving Hot List 2005

Isys i/O WiFi


TechLiving magazine evaluated the thousands of new products introduced this past year and chose a select few determined to be the most innovative, influential "must have" products of the year. Among those honored, the TPMC-10 was recognized as a stand-out.

Robb Report "Best of the Best" for 2005

Isys i/O WiFi


The Isys i/O WiFi TPMC-10 has been recognized once again. Robb Report Home Entertainment chose the Isys i/O WiFi among "The Best of the Best" in 2005 for Audio Visual Entertainment. Crestron is proud that the Isys i/O WiFi was selected among such an elite class of products by such a well-respected publication. This is the eighth award for the TPMC-10 which continues to break all previous sales records and set a new standard in the industry for wireless touchpanels.

Isys i/O WiFi Chosen Best New Product At CEDIA 2004

Expert judges honor Isys i/O for its unique combination of wireless touchpanel control, mobile computing, WiFi compatibility and modern industrial design

Completing the successful launch of the new Isys i/O family of touchpanel media centers at CEDIA Expo 2004, Crestron's new TPMC-10 WiFi Touchpanel was chosen as a winner of CEDIA's Manufacturers' Excellence Award for Best New Product.

CEDIA's Electronic Lifestyles Awards honoring excellence in the custom electronics design and installation industry were presented during CEDIA Expo at a banquet on Saturday, September 11 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

Chosen for its design, engineering and benefit to the home technology marketplace, the new 10.4" Isys i/O TPMC-10 fuses wireless touchpanel control with mobile computing in an alluring and ergonomic design that goes effortlessly from tabletop to laptop. This personal, portable device is the result of a b technology partnership between Crestron and ViewSonic.


Last Updated: Apr 9, 2009


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