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Sonnex® Multiroom Audio System

A fully-scalable audio distribution system that delivers high-output audiophile sound quality to every room with reduced cabling, low power consumption, advanced DSP, and integrator-friendly setup.

"Sonnex® redefines what multiroom audio can be. Engineered by Crestron® — the pioneer in audio distribution control systems."

Finally—a fully-scalable audio distribution system that delivers high-output audiophile sound quality to every room with significantly reduced cabling, low power consumption, advanced DSP, and integrator-friendly setup. The Sonnex® Multiroom Audio System takes audio distribution to a higher level, facilitating massive systems with up to 74 zones and over 30,000 Watts of power!

Employing a whole new system topology, Sonnex minimizes speaker wiring distances by allowing expansion units to be placed central to the rooms they serve. Twenty-four stereo channels of uncompressed digital audio and control are routed to each expander over a single inexpensive shielded CAT5e cable[1]. Gone is all the clutter of amplifier interconnects and input loop-thru cables, meticulously integrating 8 zones of high-performance power amplification and signal processing, plus input switching for a generous 24 analog and digital sources, all in one compact 4-space rack-mountable package.

Integrated Audiophile Amplifier
With Sonnex, you get more power to the speakers—without compromising the electric bill or hogging precious space in your equipment rack. The SWAMP-24X8 boasts a custom hybrid amplifier design that achieves the warmth and neutrality of a fine Class AB amplifier with all the efficiency benefits of modern Class D. Designed to appease the most demanding listener, Sonnex possesses the sonic integrity of a world-class stereo amplifier eight times over to deliver faithful, eminently satisfying audio reproduction in every room from all your music sources.

Each of its 16 channels (configured as 8 stereo zones) delivers an unprecedented 140 Watts into 8 Ohms, or 240 Watts into 4 Ohms. And, for those large, noisy areas around the pool or patio, or in a game room or gym, any two adjacent outputs can be bridged to produce a gratifying 400 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms. As impressive as that is, you'll be equally pleased to know that Sonnex accomplishes its class-leading performance in a mere four rack spaces while maintaining highly effective cooling with no need for extra clearance above or below. Each zone is individually controllable, saving further energy by turning off any unused channels.

24x8 Matrix Switcher
Designed with flexibility and expansion in mind, the Sonnex Multiroom Audio System provides numerous inputs to manage all your stereo audio sources, both analog and digital.

  • A total of 24 discrete inputs are spread across an array of connectors, including unbalanced RCA, balanced terminal blocks, and SPDIF coaxial. Sonnex easily handles the multi-zone outputs from a TunerRack Modular Multi-Tuner (CEN-TRACK) or multiple Network Stream Players (CEN-NSP-1), plus all your digital television receivers and other devices.
  • Audio return channels are easily added using Crestron AUD-EXT Audio over CAT5 Extenders to receive signals from remote AV receivers located up to 2000 feet (610 m) away.

For ease of use, descriptive names for every source input and zone output can be displayed on the front panel LCD and pushbuttons. Via the front panel controls, or from a Crestron touch screen or remote, any input can be selected for listening in any zone or group. Additional features include mono summing for distribution to non-stereo zones, scaling factor settings for defining minimum and maximum volume levels, source signal detection, and source gain compensation to assure a consistent level when switching between disparate sources.

Bonus Zones
In addition to its eight amplified zone outputs, the SWAMP-24X8 provides two additional SPDIF digital outputs for sharing stereo sources with centralized audio processors and AV receivers.[2] These outputs can even be extended to feed remote AV receivers anywhere in the house using AUD-EXT Audio over CAT5 Extenders.

Sonnex Digital Audio Transport
Among the many exceptional features that set Sonnex apart from all other multiroom systems is the remarkable Sonnex Audio Transport. On the rear of the SWAMP-24X8 are eight Sonnex Link ports, enabling the connection of up to eight Sonnex Multiroom Audio Expanders (SWAMPE-4 or SWAMPE-8)[3]. Each link transports professional-quality 24-bit, 48 kHz digital audio from all 24 inputs simultaneously to each expander, supporting wiring distances up to 200 ft (61 m) over a single CAT5e shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable[1].

While the expanders can be installed centrally with the SWAMP-24X8, the ease of running just one tiny wire instead of 16 heavy speaker cables clearly affords a much better decentralized system approach. Installing each expander local to the rooms it serves, whether on a different floor, another wing, or a completely separate building, significantly reduces the amount of speaker wiring you'll need to install. The benefits of reducing speaker wiring include faster, easier, and less expensive installation, as well as overall higher performance and efficiency by minimizing the signal loss inherent in long speaker runs.

Plug and Play Expansion
Control for each expander is also embedded in the Sonnex Link, dramatically simplifying installation and setup through a true one-wire interface. There's no need to set addresses or write any special programming. Simply connect each expander to the SWAMP-24X8 and instantly control the complete system from the SWAMP-24X8's front panel or Sonnex Tools software.

Advanced DSP
To truly deliver an ultimate listening experience in every room, Sonnex includes built-in digital signal processing providing a virtual arsenal of controls and adjustments, intelligently deployed to streamline both the installer setup procedure and day-to-day user operation. Key setup functions are accessible via the front panel, while more advanced settings are provided via Sonnex Tools software. Naturally, the essential user controls can be made available on any Crestron touch screen, keypad, handheld remote, or mobile device as part of a complete Crestron system.

Sonnex DSP features include:

  • User Controls - From a Crestron touch screen or other user interface, Sonnex provides the essential controls for day-to-day listening. Controls include room volume, bass, treble, balance, loudness, mute, zone on/off, and five selectable tone profiles. Through the control system program, many advanced user functions are possible including priority modes (who can control which sources), zone grouping (source sharing), paging, do-not-disturb, alarm clock, sleep timer, and much more.
  • Tone Profiles - With one touch, users can select from five preset EQ curves including Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, or Spoken Word, each tailored for a different type of material or listening preference.
  • Dynamic Range Control - When you listen to music or watch TV, you want to enjoy it at a volume level that lets you hear everything clearly - which can be difficult to do if there are competing background noises or someone resting in the next room. Not only that, but the level from one song to the next, and between TV programs and commercials, can fluctuate wildly. Sonnex provides user-selectable DRC to help keep everything at a consistent level, whether in a quiet bedroom, a loud swimming pool, or an outdoor patio, facilitating a more cohesive listening experience without disturbing the neighbors.
  • Sonnex Speaker Protect™ - When the occasion calls for cranking the volume[4], exclusive SSP® output limiting assures maximum headroom while preventing damage to the amplifier or speakers. More sophisticated than conventional limiting, SSP lets the installer set the protection to match the speakers' power handling capability, achieving a transparent effect right up to the limits of the speaker device.
  • 5-Band Equalizer - To tailor the sound of your speakers to the unique acoustical environment of each room or space, Sonnex provides the choice of graphic or parametric 5-band EQ. Using Sonnex Tools software and a wireless laptop, the installer can easily move from room to room, sculpting the sound for optimal audio clarity and impact.

Speaker Profiles
The Speaker Profiles feature in Sonnex Tools alleviates many repetitive adjustments from room-to-room, and project-to-project, by allowing installers to save a complete set of EQ and SSP settings for each type of speaker, room, and customer. Tuning a complete project can be as simple as loading the appropriate Speaker Profile for each zone, effectively "pre-tuning" the whole system before a single note of music or test signal is even played.

Output Bussing
The spacious, open floor plans typical of today's homes and businesses commonly present multiple adjacent listening zones with no sonic boundary between them - e.g., a kitchen and dinette, a living room and dining room, or an outdoor pool and terrace. One click in Sonnex Tools instantly busses adjacent zones together to function as one group while preserving the individual speaker profile settings for each. Volume Offset adjustments easily allow for balancing the levels of each bussed zone for smooth, even coverage of the complete space.

Passive Subwoofer Support
Sonnex lets you enjoy extended low frequency performance in any room, providing high-performance biamplification capability to support a passive in-wall, in-floor, or freestanding subwoofer. Configuring Sonnex to handle a 2.1 speaker system is both simple and powerful, offering the choice of 2nd or 4th order active crossover filters for each sub and satellite output, plus up to four parametric EQ filters for room correction and tonal enhancement. With 400 Watts available in bridged mode, there's plenty of power on hand to fill any room with deep, gratifying bass.[5]

Active (powered) subwoofers are supported using the SWE-8 Sonnex Multiroom Audio Unamplified Expander.

Unamplified Outputs
For applications requiring line level zone outputs, Crestron offers the SWE-8 Sonnex Multiroom Audio Unamplified Expander. Each SWE-8 provides an assortment of analog line-level, SPDIF digital, and Crestron Home® (CH) CAT5 balanced audio outputs, offering a solution for routing audio to AV receivers, powered subwoofers, headphone amplifiers, phone systems (for music-on-hold), and other audio equipment.

70/100V Option
Any amplified zone output can be converted to 70 or 100 Volt using one or more Sonnex Output Transformers (SAT-70V/100V-2 or SAT-70V/100V-4). Also known as "constant-voltage", 70 Volt and 100 Volt speaker systems allow for long wire runs using small-gauge wire, with the potential for connecting numerous speakers per circuit. Typical applications include outdoor speaker zones, commercial retail spaces, hallways, and common areas.

Intelligent Monitoring and Protection
To help ensure the most seamless user experience and long-lived operation, Sonnex includes several ways to keep tabs of its operating status and health. On its own, Sonnex possesses the intelligence to protect itself from many types of faults including over temperature, over current, over voltage, under voltage, and DC offset on any channel. In the event of a fault, the front panel LCD provides clear fault indication to speed the troubleshooting of incorrect wiring, poor rack ventilation, and other unforeseen issues. Fault alerts may also be broadcast to a system touch screen or mobile device, and integrators can even monitor and track the data remotely through Crestron Fusion RV® software to ensure a rapid service response.

Ultimate Integration
Without question, Sonnex delivers unprecedented intelligence from source to speaker. Via high-speed Ethernet or Cresnet®[3], Sonnex affords incredible integration potential as part of a complete Crestron system, enabling seamless control of every room and source through a wide selection of touch screens, keypads, wireless remotes, computers, and mobile devices. Complete setup is afforded via USB or Ethernet using Sonnex Tools software, part of the Crestron Toolbox™ installer toolkit.

Key Features

  • Advanced multiroom audio distribution for homes and businesses
  • Robust, high-efficiency audiophile grade amplification built in
  • 140 Watts/Ch. @ 8 Ohms, 400 Watts/Ch. bridged
  • Provides eight amplified stereo zone outputs
  • Provides two additional SPDIF stereo zone outputs
  • Additional line-level, SPDIF, and "CH" CAT5 balanced outputs available[2]
  • 70/100 Volt "constant-voltage" output options available
  • Output Bussing — enables linked operation of multiple adjacent zones
  • Bridgeable outputs — Affords extra power for pools and other large areas
  • Sonnex® Link — Provides a one-wire, plug-and-play interface to eight SWAMPE expanders up to 200 feet (61 meters) away[1,3]
  • Sonnex Link over Fiber option enables distances up to 2000 feet (610 meters)
  • Includes 12 unbalanced, 4 balanced/unbalanced, and 8 SPDIF inputs
  • Allows audio return channel capability and extension of line-level and SPDIF signals using AUD-EXT Audio over CAT5 Extenders
  • User adjustable volume, bass, treble, loudness, and selectable "tone profiles"
  • Installer adjustable 5-band graphic or parametric EQ per zone
  • Dynamic Range Control — Maintains even listening levels in both quiet and loud ambient environments
  • Speaker Profiles — Allows easy upload of custom preset speaker settings
  • Sonnex Speaker Protect™—Affords extra headroom while preventing component damage
  • Individual zone power control and global standby
  • Streamlined setup and adjustment via front panel or Sonnex Tools software
  • Remote fault monitoring
  • Seamless Crestron system integration
  • Heavy duty detachable terminal blocks ease speaker wire termination
  • Low power consumption, cool-running operation
  • Four-space 19" rack-mountable


  1. For connection of the Sonnex Link between the SWAMP-24X8 and each expander, use Crestron DM-CBL-8G or high-quality CAT5e shielded twisted-pair cable. The maximum cable length using DM-CBL-8G or CAT5e is 200 ft (61 m) per run. For longer distances, use the S-EXT1-S Sonnex Link over Fiber Extender.
  2. Additional SPDIF and analog line outputs may be added using the SWE-8 Sonnex Multiroom Audio Unamplified Expander.
  3. If using Cresnet as the control system interface, system expansion is limited to one expander. Support for more than one expander requires Ethernet as the control system interface.
  4. Excessive audio volume may damage your hearing. Crestron advocates enjoying your music at a safe listening level.
  5. Passive subwoofer support requires one zone output to drive the main left and right (i.e., satellite) speakers, plus one additional zone output to drive a subwoofer with 140W @ 8 Ohms, or two additional zone outputs bridged to drive a subwoofer with 400W @ 8 Ohms.
  6. Feature enabled via control system program.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at: patents.crestron.com.

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2011 CEDIA EXPO Attendees' Choice Award

Selected by CEDIA EXPO 2011 attendees, which comprise custom installers, integrators and systems designers, the CEDIA Attendees' Choice Awards lets the most knowledgeable critics select their favorite product at the show.

CEDIA Attendees' Choice Awards Winner:

Sonnex™ 24X8 Multi-Room Audio System

2011 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Awards

CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Awards is the most prestigious form of recognition in the custom electronics industry. These highly sought after awards are presented each year to recognize industry excellence while commending the outstanding work of its members at the annual awards banquet at CEDIA EXPO 2011.

Crestron products won two first place awards in the following trendsetting categories:

Best New Product:

6x6 DigitalMedia™ Distribution Center

Sonnex™ 24X8 Multiroom Audio System

2011 Exc!te Awards

CustomRetailer Magazine's Exc!te Awards winners were selected from over 400 nominations of products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional. The impact these products have on the custom electronics industry is felt in the custom installers' productivity, the dealers' technology offerings, the industry's vitality, and most importantly, the homeowners' satisfaction.

The following Crestron products were first place winners:

Most Exc!ting Multiroom Audio System: Sonnex™ 24X8 Multiroom Audio System

Most Exc!ting Video Product: 6x6 DigitalMedia™ Distribution Center

Mark of Excellence Awards

The Consumer Electronics Association's Mark of Excellence Awards recognize the best in home electronics products, services, and installed technology. Presented at EHX 2011, Crestron new generation home technology products won five Mark of Excellence Awards.

Across a broad range of hardware and software categories, the five winning Crestron innovations were:

Human Interface Product of the Year - Crestron Mobile Pro G® App for iPad®

Installation Product of the Year - Crestron Sonnex™ Tools Multiroom Audio Setup

Multiroom Audio/Video Product of the Year - Crestron Sonnex™ Multiroom Audio System

Software Application of the Year - Crestron Mobile Pro G® App for iPad®

Video Product of the Year - Crestron 32x32 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

Electronic House Product of the Year Awards

Electronic House Product of the Year Awards recognize the best technology, products and services for the electronic connected home.

Crestron proudly accepted first place honors in two competitive categories:

Structured Cabling Systems and Multimedia Cabling:

DigitalMedia 8G Cable, Plenum

Multiroom Audio:

Sonnex™ 24X8 Multiroom Audio System

Winners were selected by a panel of industry experts, integrators and editors of Electronic House, and honored at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

2010 CE Pro BEST Awards

CE Pro Magazine's BEST Awards (Best Electronic Systems Technologies) recognize the industry's most noteworthy new products and technologies. Winners were selected based on criteria including creativity, innovation, incorporated equipment, obstacles overcome, aesthetics, and lifestyle benefits.

Five new Crestron products were named CE Pro Best 1st Place winners during CEDIA EXPO 2010:

BEST Whole House Control System:
MC3 3-Series™ Control System

BEST Multi-Zone Amplifier-Receiver:
Sonnex™ Digital 24X8 Multi-Room Audio System

BEST AV Preamp-Processors-Switcher-Receiver:
PROCISE™ High Definition 7.3 Professional Surround Sound Processor

BEST Commercial Networking Product:
32x32 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

BEST Monitoring Device:
Fusion EM™ Energy Management Software


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