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SmarTouch™ 1-Way Wireless Touch Panel

A 1-Way RF wireless, 16-bit color touch panel.

This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

The SmarTouch ST-1700C from Crestron® is a stylish and compact 1-way wireless touch panel featuring a brilliant 5.7" active matrix touch screen and optional pushbuttons. Isys™ color graphics and long-range RF communications combine to deliver amazing touch panel performance with complete freedom of movement.

A SmarTouch touch panel offers an ideal user-interface for controlling home theater, boardroom AV and a host of other applications, providing a wideopen canvas for the creation of custom control screens tailored to the user's unique needs and tastes. Incredibly compact and portable, the SmarTouch touch panel does away with piles of remotes and cryptic control panels, affording true "one-touch" control over a broad range of complex devices and systems.

1-Way RF Wireless
Proven Crestron RF wireless technology affords an operational range of up to 300 feet without the line-of-sight limitations typical of cheaper IR (infrared) methods. Long-range 433 MHz 1-way RF communication enables compatibility with any Crestron control system via the CNRFGWA gateway[1]. The ST-1700C is also ideal for use with a Crestron MC2W Integrated Wireless Control System[1], providing a very cost-effective yet powerful room control solution.

The powerful Isys engine produces astonishing 16-bit full-color graphics and images. Programmable logic built into the ST-1700C enables virtual button feedback and subpages, affording considerable versatility for a 1-way touch panel to deliver the "feel" of a more expensive 2-way panel.

Crestron exclusive Synapse Image Rendering Algorithm enables system programmers to produce amazing graphics - faster and easier. Advanced antialiasing delivers crisper, sharper objects and text. Enhanced 3D effects add new depth and style. And because Synapse is native to the touch panel, memory requirements and upload time are substantially reduced.

Quick-Touch Pushbuttons
The ST-1700C includes a button bezel kit which may be installed to provide ten tactile pushbuttons for quick-touch access to frequently used commands. In standby, the pushbuttons may be operated without waking the touch screen for extended battery life. Custom engraving of the pushbuttons may be attained using Crestron Engraver software.

Long-Life NiMH Batteries
A fast-charging NiMH battery pack is included to provide long-lasting wireless operation, with adjustable power management built in to preserves battery life up to 20 hours in standby.

Docking Station/Charger
Without removing the battery pack, the touch panel can be placed in the ST-DSN docking station (included) for easy recharging, simultaneously providing operating power to the touch panel. The docking station may also be used to recharge a spare ST-BTPN battery pack[1]. And if necessary, the touch panel may even be powered directly using the PW-1215 power pack (included).

Key Features

  • 1-way RF wireless
  • 300 foot range
  • 5.7" active matrix touch screen display
  • 320 x 240 resolution
  • Isys™ graphics engine
  • Synapse™ Image Rendering Algorithm
  • 10 quick-touch pushbuttons (optional)
  • Audible "key click"
  • Long-lasting NiMH batteries
  • Docking station/charger included
  • Lightweight contoured design for tabletop and handheld use


  1. Item(s) sold separately.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

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