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PROCISE® High-Definition Professional Surround Sound Amplifiers

Professional quality 7-channel amplifiers offering tremendous power, control, and monitoring to complement the PSPHD PROCISE® High-Definition Professional Surround Sound Processor.

Your high-end custom theater deserves an exceptional amplifier. Crestron® PROCISE PROAMP amplifiers represent the pinnacle of performance and the ultimate in system integration. Paired with the PSPHD High-Definition Professional Surround Sound Processor, PROAMP delivers an arresting combination of audiophile specs, stunning good looks, unparalleled control, and heart-stopping sound quality.

The Power to Inspire
When Crestron set out to create a multi-channel amp to complement the PSPHD, we knew it would have a showcase appearance and brains beyond anything previously available — and through its design emerged the soul of a true world class cinema amplifier. At its heart is the power and performance to compel any 5, 6, or 7 channel speaker system to its utmost performance. Its custom hybrid design achieves the warmth and neutrality of a Class AB amplifier with all the efficiency benefits of modern Class D, indulging your loudspeakers with tremendous, arousing power — all from one amazingly tight package.

PROAMP amplifiers are offered at two power levels. The flagship PROAMP-7X400 delivers a robust 400 Watts at 8 Ohms, and 700 Watts at 4 Ohms, per channel. Massive twin 1.8 kVA toroidal power transformers direct pure, continuous power to its seven mono amplifier channels, each with its own isolated power supply featuring an immense 168,000 �F total capacitance for astounding dynamic range and headroom. Similarly equipped, the PROAMP-7X250 employs twin 1 kVA toroidal transformers, delivering 250 Watts at 8 Ohms, and 450 Watts at 4 Ohms, per channel.

An ultra-efficient circuit and chassis design enables PROAMP amplifiers to produce greater output power in considerably less space compared to other amplifiers. In fact, PROAMP accomplishes its class-leading performance in a mere five rack spaces while maintaining effective cooling with no need for extra clearance above or below.

A Perfect Pairing
Together, the PROAMP amplifier and PSPHD processor possess the unique ability to operate as one, affording functionality unattainable from any other amp/preamp combination. Through a simple Ethernet connection, the two components become paired, enabling seamless control and monitoring of the amplifier through the PSPHD's front panel. While PROAMP provides essential indication of signal and fault conditions on its own faceplate, you can actually confirm the specific fault condition, check the real internal temperature, and even monitor the output level of each amp channel on the face of the PSPHD. Pairing the two components also streamlines remote control and monitoring through a Crestron® control system, providing programmers with a unified device interface for all functions.

Please refer to the PSPHD spec sheet for additional information.

Protect, Monitor, Control
To help ensure the most seamless user experience and long-lived operation from your amplifier, PROAMP provides several ways to assume control of its essential functions and keep tabs of its operating status and health. On its own, PROAMP possesses the intelligence to protect itself from all types of faults including over temperature, over current, over voltage, under voltage, and DC offset on any channel. Its front panel indicators help alert the user to any fault condition, and provide verification of signal activity and clipping. More detailed status monitoring is available when paired with a PSPHD processor.

For the greatest flexibility, PROAMP includes both Cresnet® and high-speed Ethernet to enable direct control and monitoring via a Crestron control system (in lieu of a PSPHD). Whether communicating with the control system directly or via a PSPHD, PROAMP lets you control amplifier power, mute individual channels, monitor temperature and signal status, and receive fault alerts, all from a Crestron touchpanel, computer or mobile device. Signals from the amplifier may also be utilized to enable custom automation, such as reducing audio levels when clipping is sensed, or regulating climate control in the equipment room in response to amp temperature.

Please contact your Crestron representative to explore the possibilities for your custom application.

Professional, Precise...PROCISE!
In today's elaborate home theaters and corporate auditoria, electronic noise and distortion is the last thing you want to hear. To this end, PROCISE PROAMP amplifiers are designed to produce pristine, accurate audio — and nothing more. A hybrid, DC coupled topology preserves the audio signal throughout without coloring or adding noise. So, even during the quietest moments of a high-resolution film soundtrack or original master recording, you'll be enveloped in studio-silent ambiance, every nuance revealed, so when the sound comes up—you'll be convinced you're a part of it.

Key Features

  • A world-class, professional 7-channel surround sound power amplifier
  • The perfect companion to the PROCISE® PSPHD surround sound processor
  • Affords unprecedented integration with the PSPHD for seamless control and monitoring
  • Affords native Crestron system integration via Ethernet or Cresnet®
  • Ultra-efficient hybrid design puts immense output power in minimal space
  • Provides the benefits of Class D with the warm, neutral sound quality of Class AB
  • Infinitesimal noise and THD affords pure, natural audio reproduction
  • Robust, isolated channel power supplies ensure maximum dynamic impact
  • DC coupling affords ultimate transparency and frequency response
  • Inrush current limiting provides for gentle power-up
  • Includes front panel signal, clip, and fault indicators for each channel
  • Allows expanded monitoring of temperature, faults, and signal status from PSPHD or control system
  • Heavy duty detachable terminal blocks ease speaker wire termination
  • 24k gold-plated XLR balanced inputs assure optimum signal transfer
  • Premium 7-channel XLR interconnect kits available
  • Includes optional rack ears and front/rear lifting handles
  • Five-space 19" rack-mountable


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