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Color LCD Handheld Remote

The MLX-3 represents an incredible value in a rugged handheld remote that's extremely customizable, reliable, and intuitive to use.

The Crestron® MLX-3 Color LCD Handheld Remote delivers an exceptional remote control for home theater, whole-house control, and multimedia presentation, marrying style and ergonomics with rock-solid wireless performance and an intuitive color LCD user interface. Cost-effective and ruggedly constructed, the MLX-3 features a full complement of backlit tactile buttons, easy scroll-wheel menu navigation, and proven infiNET EX® wireless technology.

Whether watching TV, choosing a movie or music title, adjusting room temperature and lighting, or checking the security system, the MLX-3 affords a user experience only Crestron can deliver. Two-way wireless communications enables seamless interaction with AV and environmental systems, with true feedback of all your settings, and the display of metadata for all your digital media.

NOTE: The MLX-3-SF model includes all the functionality and performance of the original MLX-3, with a new, silky-smooth finish that feels great to hold, resists fingerprints, and matches the look of other Crestron handheld remotes.

Color LCD Display
The MLX-3 provides intuitive control for your entire custom home or boardroom through a brilliant user interface that's simple to use and just as simple to configure. Featuring customizable scrolling menus and full-color icons, the MLX-3 makes it easy to select your room, pick a music or video source, choose a radio station, TV channel, or media title, and even access lighting and other home automation controls — all without having to flip through endless confusing pages of static buttons.

Navigating the MLX-3 UI is simplified using the side-mounted scroll wheel and "MenuBack" button, and the three menu selection buttons beneath the screen. Quickly access the media source menu or lighting controls menu by pressing the MEDIA or LIGHTS button, or press the Crestron "swirl" button to access the home and room selection pages. From the home page, you can jump to additional control pages and info screens such as climate control, security, and weather. For multiroom systems, the room selection page lets you choose the room you're in, or any other room, to quickly take control of its lighting, audio, video, and other functions. Whatever page you're on, simply roll the scroll wheel up or down to move through the menu, and then press the wheel in to select the desired lighting preset, music or movie title, TV or radio channel, or any other menu item. Pressing the "MenuBack" button reverts to the previous page.

On each page, the MLX-3 provides true-feedback so you always know the status of the item you're controlling, even if you're situated in a different room. Audio volume and lighting levels are clearly indicated using bar graphs. Room temperature and security system status can be viewed and controlled without leaving your favorite seat. Metadata is also displayed to provide complete information about the current playing song, movie, TV program, or radio station. Even weather conditions are available through the Crestron Weather application.

Backlit Tactile Buttons
A full complement of buttons provides immediate access to everything you need to watch TV or listen to music. A press of any button returns a natural, positive tactile response for effortless use. Each button is clearly labeled using familiar text and icons for intuitive operation. Adjustable button backlighting affords excellent legibility in darkened rooms. Every button on the MLX-3 is fully programmable to deliver precise and predictable behavior, whether simply adjusting audio volume and flipping through channels, controlling a DVR or DVD player, navigating onscreen setup menus, or operating a pan/tilt camera.

infiNET EX® Wireless Technology
Ultra-reliable infiNET EX wireless technology provides steadfast 2-way RF communications throughout a residence or commercial structure. A complete infiNET EX network can consist of a single wireless gateway with up to six MLX-3 remotes, along with other wireless devices such as lighting dimmers, thermostats, door locks, motorized shades, and keypads. Many of the devices on the network act as “expanders,” relaying wireless commands between the central gateway and all the other devices on the network to ensure that every command reaches its intended destination without disruption. Every device that is added to the network effectively increases the range and stability of the entire network.[1,2]

Of course, the MLX-3 can communicate directly with the gateway if no other infiNET EX devices are installed. The wireless range for the MLX-3 is 75 feet (23 meters) typical indoors, which can be extended easily using one or more infiNET EX Expanders. Up to six MLX-3s can be assigned to a single gateway.[1]

To ensure the most transparent user experience possible, the MLX-3 has been engineered to wake instantly at the press of a button. Button presses are sent immediately, just like an IR remote but with none of IR's limitations. So spontaneous actions like muting the audio, pausing the video, or changing the channel can be executed on-the-fly with just a single button press.

Extended Battery Life
Instant-waking also allows the MLX-3 to be put to sleep within seconds, helping to maximize its battery life for several months of typical usage on a single set of batteries. The backlight intensity can also be adjusted or disabled to extend battery life even longer. The MLX-3 runs on four disposable AA lithium or alkaline batteries.

Simplified Programming
Configuring the MLX-3 is enabled through a dialog-based program editor, making it easy to designate each menu, control page, and channel preset using full color icons from the library provided. Uploading the configuration to the MLX-3 is facilitated through a USB connection or right over the wireless network.[3]

Key Features

  • Customizable handheld wireless remote
  • Rugged, easy-grip ergonomic design
  • Fingerprint-resistant silk finish (MLX-3-SF model)
  • Fully programmable functionality [3]
  • Backlit, soft-feel tactile buttons
  • 2" active matrix color LCD display
  • Intuitive menu-driven user interface
  • Easy scroll wheel navigation
  • True-feedback and dynamic text capability
  • Full-color icons and status indicators
  • Text search capability via multi-tap alphanumeric keypad
  • Ultra-reliable infiNET EX® wireless technology
  • 75 feet (23 meters) initial RF wireless range [1,2]
  • Instant-Waking® behavior
  • Works like an IR remote — with all the benefits of 2-way RF!
  • Powered by 4 AA lithium or alkaline batteries


  1. Requires an infiNET EX gateway, model CEN-RFGW-EX, MC3, or DIN-AP3MEX. A single gateway supports up to 100 infiNET EX network devices inclusive of up to 6 MLX-3 remotes. Additionally, up to 5 infiNET EX Expanders (model CLW-EXPEX or GLA-EXPEX) may be added to the network for extended range. All gateways, expanders, and other infiNET EX devices are sold separately.
  2. Crestron infiNET EX is a wireless mesh network, meaning each device on the network behaves as an expander, passing the signals it receives on to any other devices within range. This effectively extends the total range of the network, and reinforces it by providing multiple redundant signal paths. However, battery powered infiNET EX devices do not function as expanders.
  3. Configuration and programming must be provided by an authorized Crestron programmer.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

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Certain Crestron products contain open source software. For specific information, please visit www.crestron.com/opensource.

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The following product received accolades from the website:

MLX-3 handheld remote

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Best New Product: MLX-3 Handheld Color LCD Remote


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