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Dual-Technology Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, 500 Sq. Ft.

  • Ceiling mount occupancy sensor
  • Dual-technology motion detection
  • 180 degree, 500 square feet coverage
  • EMerge Alliance® Compatible

Inside Stories (Case Studies)

Corporate - Aeronautics

Denver, Colorado

Crestron helps Jeppesen, the leading aviation information and resource optimization, manage its conference centers with Fusion RV® room scheduling software, coupled with Crestron GLS-series occupancy sensors. The system is proving to be so highly beneficial that Jeppesen says it plans to roll out Crestron Fusion™ globally.

Models Included: FPL-G, GLS-ODT-C-500, SW-FUSION-RV

Download this story (PDF - 610 K)

Education - Colleges and Universities

Bryant University
Smithfield, Rhode Island

Located in Smithfield, RI, Bryant University is a small but highly respected private university offering degrees in business, math, biology and other arts and sciences. The university began a green initiative which, so far, has been able to reduce the amount of energy used on campus by over 35 percent - a savings of more than $20,000 per year. The school is using Crestron occupancy sensors to continue its green initiative.


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Commercial Lighting - Commercial Lighting

Gateway Canyons Resort
Gateway, Colorado

Located in the pristine wilderness of Western Colorado, Gateway Canyons is a resort destination offering adventure, learning and relaxation. Featuring lodging, dining, educational programs, fitness spa and the world-class Gateway Colorado Auto Museum, the resort's "educational vacations" offer a unique getaway experience for families, groups and corporate clients. Crestron was selected to provide a campus-wide control system, incorporating lighting, HVAC and hotel scheduling through a reliable, single-platform design.

Models Included: C2-AUDIO-6PAK, CNLDAB-4A, CNLDM-6, CNLFDB-4, CNX-B12, CNX-B8, CP2E, GLS-ODT-C-1000, GLS-ODT-C-500, PAC2, PRO2, TPMC-8L, TPMC-8X, TPS-2000L, TPS-3100L, TPS-6L

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Hospitality - Hotels & Casinos

The InterContinental Montréal
Montréal, Canada

Crestron helps the InterContinental Montréal bring the best new technology to the 1888 structure that houses its conference center

Models Included: AV3, C2N-IO, CAEN, CP3N, DM-MD8X8, DM-RMC-100-C, DM-RMC-4K-SCALER-C, DM-TX-200-C-2G, GLS-ODT-C-1000, GLS-ODT-C-2000, GLS-ODT-C-500, GLS-SIM, GLX-DIM6, TSW-750

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Featured Articles

Education - Colleges and Universities

Green AV that Works

Systems Contractor News
"Green AV that Works"
Author: Editor
October 27, 2011 (pg 1)

Bryant University ties AV Systems to Crestron Occupancy Sensors. Ceiling-mounted Crestron GLS-ODT-C-500 occupancy sensors alert the Crestron MP2E or PRO2 control system to shut the AV system down after 30 minutes of no motion.

Models Included: GLS-ODT-C-1000, GLS-ODT-C-500, MP2E, PRO2

Download this article (PDF - 131 K)

Hospitality - Hotels & Casinos

Upgraded A/V Helps Remote Resort Stay Connected

Commercial Integrator
"Upgraded A/V Helps Remote Resort Stay Connected"
Author: Craig MacCormack
5/19/2011 (pg 1)

When you're paying big money for a secluded getaway, of course you want all the finest things in life. That includes a state-of-the-art AV system that allows you to escape from your everyday life but not be completely removed from reality. That was the goal for CEAVCO Audio Visual when it took on the task of enhancing the sprawling Gateway Canyons Resort in a remote area of Colorado.

Models Included: C2-AUDIO-6PAK, CNLDAB-4A, CNLDM-6, CNLFDB-4, CNX-B12, CNX-B8, CP2E, GLS-ODT-C-1000, GLS-ODT-C-500, PAC2, PRO2, TPMC-8L, TPMC-8X, TPS-2000L, TPS-6L

Download this article (PDF - 49 K)


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