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Touch Screen Controller for CAPTURE-HD

Provides a compact touch screen for simplified remote control of a Capture HD® High-Definition Capture Recorder.

This compact touch screen controller enables simplified day-to-day operation of the Capture HD® High-Definition Capture Recorder (CAPTURE-HD[1]) for recording lectures and meetings. The instructor or presenter need only follow the prompts on the touch screen to easily start and stop a recording, pause or mute the recording and add bookmarks[2] during the session, and make very basic adjustments when needed. The touch screen can also display a live view of the presenter's camera and a microphone level meter to lend an extra level of confidence during operation. The CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM Touch Screen Controller is available in white or black, and can be installed at a lectern, mounted in a wall, or placed on a tabletop[3].

Capturing lectures and meetings is a breeze using the CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM Touch Screen Controller, with special features included to ensure reliable results. When starting a recording, the touch screen displays a level meter for testing and adjusting the presenter's microphone, and a video window for previewing the camera image. If desired, the presenter can select whether to capture just the camera, the presentation content (a computer or other multimedia source), or both in either a side-by-side or picture-in-picture (PIP) layout. Advanced user settings are available for changing the PIP window size and position, adjusting audio levels, and specifying the video capture format and file storage location. Critical settings can be password protected to prevent any unauthorized changes.

The recording doesn't begin until the presenter is ready, and while recording s/he can add bookmarks[2], mute the audio, or pause for a break, all via clearly labeled buttons on the touch screen. Clear status is provided on screen, and via indicators on either side of the screen which illuminate red when recording and flash when paused or muted.

The CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM features a very small footprint and a range of mounting options, allowing for installation on virtually any surface[3]. Complete connectivity is provided through a simple Ethernet connection, communicating directly over the LAN with the CAPTURE-HD device (no control system required). PoE technology eliminates the need for any additional wiring, powering the touch screen through the Ethernet connection using a PWE-4803RU[1] or other PoE power source. Video preview is enabled using a camera with built-in MJPEG streaming (Crestron® CAM-IFB-100 or similar[1]) or using a standard camera along with a Crestron Network Video Streamer (CEN-NVS200 or DM-TXRX-100-STR [1]).

Key Features

  • Provides simplified operation of a CAPTURE-HD recorder
  • Compact design installs virtually anywhere
  • No programming required
  • 4.3" widescreen color touch screen
  • Clear status indication
  • Live camera monitoring
  • Proximity sensor wakes the screen automatically
  • Single-wire Ethernet connectivity
  • PoE network powered
  • Versatile wall, surface, and tabletop mounting options[3]
  • Available in smooth black or white


  1. Item(s) sold separately.
  2. The bookmark feature requires integration with Fusion RV® software (sold separately). Playback of bookmarked recordings is exclusively supported using Crestron Media Player. Crestron Media Player is a Web-based streaming media player that is included as part of the Media Services component of Fusion RV. Refer to the Crestron CaptureLiveHD™ spec sheet for additional information.
  3. Some installations may require additional mounting accessories. See specifications for all mounting options.
  4. Specifications shown are based on the standard OOTB (Out Of The Box) program that is included and preloaded on every model CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM to enable use with the CAPTURE-HD. Replacing the OOTB program with a custom program enables all the features, capabilities, and specifications of a standard TPMC-4SM touch screen.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at: patents.crestron.com.

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Last Updated: Jul 6, 2015


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