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Adagio® Media System w/Advanced Image Processing

Delivers a high-performance, cost-effective solution for complete home theater control with surround sound processing and amplification, high-definition video switching and processing, multiroom audio distribution, and whole house control. Features a built-in Crestron® control system, Audyssey MultEQ® XT room correction, modular AMFM/XM®/Internet radio multituner, HDMI® digital signal switching, on-screen display, and Gennum VXP™ Video Processing.

This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

The Adagio Media System AIP (AMS-AIP) from Crestron® delivers a high-performance digital home theater and multi-room audio distribution solution in one elegant yet cost-effective package. Right out of the box, the AMS-AIP provides sophisticated surround processing, amplification, and digital video processing for a complete home theater, plus audio signal routing for 4 or more pairs of remote room speakers. Its built-in Crestron control system enables enhanced control and integration capability for AV and home automation.

Advanced Image Processing
The AMS-AIP scales video input signals to match the native resolution of your high-definition display, supporting non-interlaced output resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, including 1080p HDTV, with a choice of HDMI, DVI, RGB, or YPbPr component connectivity. Featuring Gennum Visual Excellence Processing™ with TruMotionHD™ fully adaptive deinterlacing, the AMS-AIP achieves exceptional image sharpness and resolution from both SDTV and HDTV sources. RealityExpansion™ 10-bit image processing employing FidelityEngine™ image enhancement delivers astounding realism and detail. FineEdge™ dynamic directional interpolation eliminates jaggy artifacts typical of traditional deinterlacing algorithms.

Onscreen graphics provides useful feedback during setup and operation, and can even be customized like an Isys™ touch screen for a personalized appearance and control of lighting and other functions[1]. PIP and PBP processing with alpha blending enable versatile windowing capabilities for displaying combinations of any two video sources, or video plus graphics.

HDMI® and DVI Technology
The AMS-AIP's HDMI inputs and output provide simplified connectivity for today's and tomorrow's high-end components, providing a single-cable digital interface that combines uncompressed high-definition video, multi-channel audio, and intelligent format and command data. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is essential to support 1080p60 HDTV and 7.1 digital surround sound. The addition of DVI affords increased compatibility for connecting multimedia computers and a wide range of professional video players, displays, and projectors.

7.1 Surround Sound
The AMS-AIP features a state-of-the-art surround sound processor and powerful 7-channel amplifier designed to deliver jaw-dropping sonic performance from all of today's digital sources. Advanced handling of multi-channel PCM and analog signals, plus onboard Dolby® Digital EX and DTS® ES decoding, assure superlative sound quality from DVD and Blu-ray Disc®, digital HDTV, CD and MP3, AM/FM, satellite, and Internet radio sources.

High-End Audio Performance
A thunderous 7x100 Watts of amplification, plus discrete subwoofer/LFE balanced line output, are furnished to drive any 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 theater speaker system with powered subwoofer. An advanced Class G amplifier topology produces the great sound of a classic Class AB design with near-digital efficiency. Independent six-band parametric EQ is provided on each output channel including the subwoofer/LFE output, along with time-delay affording up to 80mS per channel for proper lip-sync and speaker placement compensation.

Audyssey MultEQ® XT
Audyssey MultEQ XT facilitates an optimum listening experience for every seat in your theater using an ingenious equalization solution that corrects for both time and frequency response problems. MultEQ XT is the only technology of its kind capable of properly measuring sound response throughout the listening area, and combining that information to accurately represent the acoustical intricacies of the room. Based on these measurements, MultEQ XT meticulously calculates an equalization solution that effectively minimizes response distortion at every listening position.

Copious AV Inputs and Outputs
To accommodate a full complement of audio sources, the AMS-AIP supplies a total of 3 HDMI inputs, 10 S/PDIF digital audio inputs, 10 analog stereo inputs, and one analog 7.1 surround input. In addition to its speaker and subwoofer outputs, the AMS-AIP furnishes unbalanced line-level audio outputs containing the 7.1 surround signal as well as a stereo downmix signal. High-definition video switching is also provided for 1 DVI and 3 HDMI high-resolution digital sources, plus 8 component, 4 S-Video, and 4 composite analog video sources. The HDMI inputs are expandable using a QuickSwitch HD® HDMI Switcher (HD-MD8X2[2]).

Multi-Room Audio
In addition to surround sound in the home theater, the AMS-AIP also distributes stereo audio to the rest of the house. Listeners in each room can enjoy their own choice of radio stations, CDs and MP3s, or even a stereo downmix of the surround sound output. Each room includes its own volume, bass, and treble controls, with the ability to combine a group of rooms easily at the press of the "Party Mode" button.

The integrated multi-room amplifier delivers a robust 45 watts per channel to each of 4 rooms. A fifth stereo room, or up to 2 mono rooms, can be supported using spare surround channels if the theater is configured as 6.1, 5.1, or lower. And without requiring any programming, the AMS-AIP can easily be expanded to support another six rooms by adding an AAE Audio Expander[2]. In fact, a total of three AAE's may be added, with simple setup afforded using Crestron Adagio Composer software[3], supporting up to 24 rooms in all (plus the theater).

2-Channel Steering
For homes that combine their theater with their main living space, some additional signal routing flexibility is needed. Listening to stereo music through the theater's main front speakers can have a distracting effect when there's music playing throughout the house. With 2-channel and multi-channel steering capability, the AMS-AIP lets you listen through the theater's side or rear speakers instead of, or in addition to, the front speakers for the most cohesive whole-house listening experience.

Satellite & Internet Radio Multi-Tuner
Up to three ATC-Series tuner cards can be installed in the AMS-AIP to enable combinations of AM/FM terrestrial radio, XM® satellite radio, and Internet radio tuners. With up to six tuners possible, the AMS-AIP lets listeners in different rooms each enjoy their own choice of music, news, sports and talk. Metadata such as the radio station name, song and artist, traffic, weather, and phone numbers can be displayed on the AMS-AIP's front panel, and on touch screens and controllers throughout the house. Every AMS-AIP model comes with one tuner card included, and the modular design makes it easy to expand or alter the tuner configuration at any time as needs change or new services become available.[4,5]

Plug-and-Play Multimedia Sources
Native compatibility with the ADMS Intermedia Delivery System™[2] provides a quick path to enjoying the ultimate in high-definition video and multi-zone audio with your Adagio system. The ADMS lets you play and store your entire video and audio collection while simultaneously providing access to endless downloadable and streaming Web content. Or, choose the Crestron iServer® (CEN-ISERVER[2]) or Interface for Apple® iPod® (CEN-IDOCV or CEN-IDOCV-DSW[2]) for a very cost-effective, high-quality music player solution that works with Adagio without requiring any special programming.[6]

Enhanced Front Panel Control
With its large backlit LCD display, dual rotary controls, and easy-access pushbuttons, the AMS-AIP's front panel provides a very powerful, yet friendly user interface for setting up and controlling the theater along with a houseful of speakers. Custom naming of rooms, groups, and sources is facilitated on the LCD display as well as above each ROOM and SOURCE button. Custom backlit labeling of the buttons is achieved using an assortment of pre-made labels included, or by ordering the AMS-AIP Backlit Engravable Label Strip (model AES/AMS FRONT LABEL[2]).

Versatile Room Controls
Control of the AMS-AIP in enabled in every room using a choice of basic 12-button keypads (C2N-DBF12) or the advanced APAD Wall Mount LCD Controller. A keypad provides the essential controls for adjusting volume, selecting sources, and toggling up and down through tracks and radio channels. For a more elegant control solution, the APAD extends the many functions of the AMS-AIP's front panel to each room, displaying audio settings and sources by name, and letting you browse through media playlists and radio guides by channel, artist, album or song title. A selection of Crestron touch screens is also available, affording the ultimate in high-end room control with rich, dynamic color graphics.[2]

Wireless Controllers
The AMS-AIP lets you choose your home theater controller, supporting a wide range of wireless handheld remotes and touch screens like the Isys™ TPMC-3X Handheld WiFi Touch Screen or TPS-6X Wireless Touch Screen[2]. Simplified programming for many Crestron touch screens and handhelds is supported through Adagio Composer software[3], affording a feature-packed touch screen solution for controlling the whole house. You may also opt to use your Apple iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android™ device running our Crestron Mobile Pro®[2] control app, offering a very convenient solution for controlling your system over your wireless home network — or remotely over a mobile network[7].

Whole-house Integration
Adagio brings Crestron Total Home Technology™ to residences and businesses of any size and budget. The AMS-AIP allows for incredible personalization and expansion through custom programming by a Crestron authorized programmer using Adagio Composer or Crestron SystemBuilder™ software. More than just a home AV system, the AMS-AIP can grow as part of a complete home automation solution supporting Crestron dimmers, shade controllers, and thermostats[2]. Its built-in Ethernet, IR, RS-232, relay, and digital input ports provide for integration with third-party devices such as HDTV displays, AV source components, and security systems. The onboard e-Control® Web server allows secure remote access and control using Windows® and Mac® computers, and mobile devices like Android and iPhone[7].

Key Features

  • Adagio® integrated surround sound processor and amplifier
  • Advanced video image processing and scaling
  • Picture-in-picture and split-screen video windowing
  • Customizable on-screen display with house control capability[1]
  • Audyssey MultEQ® XT advanced automatic equalization
  • High-definition video switching of HDMI®, DVI, and analog sources
  • Audio distribution for 4 to 6 rooms, expandable up to 24
  • Choice of keypad, LCD, touch screen, and wireless room controllers[2]
  • Choice of wireless touch screen theater controllers[2]
  • e-Control® remote access via computer and mobile devices
  • Built-in modular multi-tuner allows up to 6 independent radio tuners
  • Up to 6 AM/FM radio tuners with RDS/RBDS[4]
  • Up to 3 XM® satellite radio tuners[4,5]
  • Up to 3 Internet radio tuners[4]
  • Plug-and-play multimedia player support using Crestron iServer®, Interface for Apple iPod®, and ADMS[2,6]
  • Integrated control of HDTV displays and AV source devices
  • Flexible setup via front panel or software[3]
  • Scalable and programmable for enhanced integration with lighting, climate control, security, and more[3]


  1. Requires additional hardware and custom programming by a Crestron® authorized programmer.
  2. Item(s) sold separately.
  3. Adagio Composer is part of Crestron SystemBuilder™ software. All programming must be performed by a Crestron authorized programmer.
  4. Accepts up to 3 radio tuner cards allowing up to 6 AM/FM radio tuners, up to 3 AM/FM and 3 XM satellite radio tuners, up to 3 Internet radio tuners, or various combinations of AM/FM, satellite, and Internet radio tuners. One tuner card is included (see available models); additional cards sold separately. Out of the box functionality supports two tuner cards; additional programming required for third card.
  5. XM Satellite Radio requires subscription. Contact Sirius XM Radio Inc. for details.
  6. DHCP Ethernet router required.
  7. Control using an Apple mobile device requires the Crestron Mobile Pro® or Mobile Pro G app, available via the Apple iTunes® app store. Remote access requires access to a wireless Ethernet network or a subscription-based mobile data service. Additional fees may apply.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography.

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2009 CEA Innovations Design and Engineering Awards

Best Home Theater Accessories – AMS-AIP

Best Audio Components – Crestron iServer

Best Video Components – ADMS

The Innovations Design and Engineering Awards program recognizes the most innovative electronic products in the industry's hottest product categories. Nearly one thousand product submissions were evaluated by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade press. Products were judged on engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, user value and unique features that benefit the consumer.

2009 CEA Mark of Excellence Awards

Best Human Interface Product, Platinum - TPS-6X

Best Lighting Control Product, Platinum - CLS-C6MRF

Best Media Server, Platinum - Crestron iServer

Best Control System, Gold - AMS-AIP

The Mark of Excellence Awards honor outstanding innovation and achievement in custom home electronics products, services and installation technologies. A panel of experts (systems integrators, manufacturers, members of the trade press and industry consultants) reviews the submissions and selects both a Platinum and Gold award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the industry.

2008 EHX Multi-Room Awards

Best Overall Product - AMS-AIP

All-Inclusive Multi-Room Audio System - AMS-AIP

Keypads & Controls: Crestron - infiNET™ Cameo

Lighting Controls & Accessories - iLux™ CLS-C6MRF

Multi-Room Media Servers: Crestron - Crestron iServer

Multi-Room Touchscreen - TPS-6X

Crestron earned an unprecedented six Multi-Room Awards at EHX Fall 2008 in Long Beach, California. The six awards earned by Crestron, including Best Overall Product for the AMS-AIP, were twice as many trophies than any other company in the industry. Crestron also won top honors for the iLux™ integrated lighting and shade control system, the CEN-ISERVER dedicated audio server for the iPod®, the TPS-6X Isys® 6-inch wireless touchpanel, and Cameo™ designer keypad controllers. The seventh annual MRA program recognized products displaying exceptional innovation, functionality, and value. Award-winning products had to produce and substantiate significant contributions to multi-room audio, video and lighting in the custom residential market.


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