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200-disc Blu-ray Changer

Provides a simple solution for adding an entire collection of movies to the ADMS Intermedia Delivery System™ library.

This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

Adding the ADC-200BR 200-Disc Blu-ray Changer to the ADMS seamlessly integrates an entire collection of DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs into the media library. Up to five changers can be daisy-chained, providing ready access to an incredible 1000 discs. Because the discs are not "ripped" to the hard drive, copyrighted content can be stored and played legally for your personal enjoyment.

Key Features

  • Adds an entire collection of movies to the ADMS library
  • Provides storage for 200 DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs
  • Allows 100% legal storage of copyrighted content
  • ADMS automatically adds each disc to the media library
  • Connects easily to the ADMS via IEEE 1394
  • Daisy-chain up to 5 units to store up to 1000 discs!


2010 Electronic House TOPS Awards

Crestron ADMS Intermedia Delivery System Wins 2010 TOPS Award for Best Media Server

TOPS Awards (formerly EH Product of the Year Awards) recognize the best technology, products and services for the electronic connected home.

The ADMS Intermedia Delivery System was chosen Best Media Server.

ADMS revolutionizes the way home entertainment is acquired, managed and enjoyed by removing the boundaries between movies, music, TV and the Internet.

Winners were chosen by a panel of EH editors, distinguished industry veterans and EH magazine's DIY correspondent, and honored at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Last Updated: Jan 13, 2012


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