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Interface Module for TPMC-V Touchpanels

Provides a streamlined connection for TPMC-V Series V-Panel Integrated Touchpanels. Mounts in a single-gang wall box, or to any flat surface using its included bracket. Includes inserts to match black or white decorator style faceplates.

The TPMC-V-IMCW is the interface module that is included with the TPMC-V12 and TPMC-V15 V-Panel™ Integrated Touchpanels. It provides a convenient pluggable connection on its front panel utilizing a modular VIDEO/LAN jack paired with a 4-pin NET port. On the rear are connections for Cresnet®, Ethernet, balanced or unbalanced video, and a choice of Cresnet or local DC power. An additional DC power jack is included on the front panel to simplify the connection of a local power supply in a typical wall mount application.

Using the hardware provided, the TPMC-V-IMCW can be mounted in a 1-gang electrical box, to a flat surface, or to a 19-inch rack-rail. Multiple TPMC-V-IMCW interface modules may be purchased individually and installed as part of a complete system to provide multiple touchpanel connection locations.

Key Features

  • Provides simplified connection for the V-Panel™ Integrated Touchpanels
  • Mounts in a single-gang wall box or mud ring
  • Includes inserts to match black or white faceplates
  • Surface mount and rack-rail installation options included
  • Wired Ethernet and Cresnet control system connections
  • Balanced or coaxial video input
  • Versatile wiring and powering options


  1. See the appropriate touchpanel specification for additional information about wire selection and distance limitations.

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2011


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