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Digital Graphics Engine w/DigitalMedia™ CAT Connectivity

A graphics engine for Crestron® V-Panel™, the DGE-1 supports advanced touch screen performance, with a single video window and connectivity for one analog AV source.

Click here for a quick compatibility cross reference between DGE-1, DGE-2 and V-Panels.

Designed for use with a Crestron® V-Panel™ HD Touch Screen Display[1,2], the DGE-1 Digital Graphics Engine allows for a very streamlined touch screen installation by placing the bulk of the electronics at the central equipment location. Mounted within an equipment rack, the DGE-1 connects directly to the head end AV sources, switchers, and control network, while the V-Panel display can be up to 150 feet (45 meters) away with just a single cable between them[3].

The DGE-1 features 24-bit graphics, with single-window video display, embedded PC applications and Web browsing, streaming video and audio, and IP Intercom. Connectivity includes one composite or S-Video input, balanced stereo audio in/out, Crestron Home® CAT5 Balanced Audio, Cresnet®, and high-speed Ethernet. A DigitalMedia CAT output provides the connection to the V-Panel display.

Gestures Navigation
Adjust AV and lighting settings, surf the Internet, and browse your music and movie libraries with a natural sweep of the finger using DNav gestures. Crestron DNav technology affords enhanced touch screen functionality, providing dynamic navigation control objects for scrolling effortlessly through all your touch screen apps, cover art, and favorite channels.

Embedded PC
The DGE-1's embedded PC engine combines rock solid touch screen graphics performance with built-in Windows Media® Player and RealPlayer®, Internet Explorer®, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, and Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® document viewers. While simultaneously controlling the home, boardroom, or lecture hall, the DGE-1 provides everything needed for enjoying online music and movies, viewing Web pages and accessing most types of digital media without necessitating a separate computer. In addition, VNC Viewer support delivers enhanced cross-platform interaction with computers over the network or Internet, allowing remote access and control of desktop applications to unleash all kinds of new presentation and system integration possibilities.

Full-Motion Video
The DGE-1 supports the display of standard-definition video from an external composite or S-Video source. The video image can be displayed full-screen or in a fully-scalable window anywhere on the V-Panel touchscreen. External audio signals are handled by a single analog line input.

Streaming Video
Through its embedded Web browser and media players, the DGE-1 supports streaming and downloadable video in a variety of formats, enabling access to all kinds of media from online sources and network servers. Additional support for the motion-JPEG streaming format allows the display of live video from a Web camera or network video streamer (Crestron CEN-NVS100[1], CEN-NVS200[1], or equivalent).

IP Intercom
Using the microphone and speakers built into the V-Panel display[1], the DGE-1 supports 2-way voice communication via a choice of IP or Crestron Home (CH) CAT5 wired intercom. Crestron IP intercom eliminates the need for dedicated audio wiring, enabling 2-way speech and room monitoring over Ethernet with other compatible Crestron touch screens. Wired intercom is also supported through a dedicated CAT5 audio connection to a C2N-IADS30X24[1] or other CH CAT5 switcher or processor.

Keyboard/Mouse Options
On-screen keyboard and mouse capabilities enable complete control of the DGE-1's embedded Web browser and other applications, and can also be used to control external network devices like the Crestron ADMS Intermedia Delivery System™ as well as computers running TouchPoint™ Virtual Mouse & Keyboard Software (VMK-WIN). USB ports are also provided on the DGE-1 and on the V-Panel display[1], allowing for the connection of a physical keyboard and mouse.

Remote Annotation
Remote annotation capability allows multiple touch screen users to draw with their fingertips over the same video image or whiteboard screen, enabling enhanced interaction between several participants in a courtroom, classroom, or council chamber.

Key Features

  • Touch screen graphics and video processing for V-Panels™
  • Installs out-of-sight at the central equipment location
  • Eliminates bulky, unsightly wiring at the V-Panel location
  • Connects to the V-Panel via a single DigitalMedia™ cable[2,3]
  • High-Definition 24-bit touch screen graphics
  • DNav menu objects with gestures
  • WAV file customizable audio feedback
  • Multi-format streaming video and audio
  • Single-window full-motion video
  • Auto-sensing composite or S-Video input
  • 2-way intercom over IP or Crestron Home® wiring
  • Embedded PC applications for Web browsing, playing or streaming digital media, viewing digital documents, and accessing and controlling external computers
  • Supports interactive annotation amongst multiple touch screens
  • Provides power to the V-Panel touch screen display
  • USB keyboard/mouse port plus onscreen keyboard and mouse capability
  • Balanced analog audio input and output
  • Crestron Home (CH) CAT5 bidirectional audio port
  • High-Speed Ethernet and Cresnet®
  • Single space rack-mountable


  1. Item(s) sold separately.
  2. The V-Panel touch screen must be equipped with a DM CAT type interface for connection to the DGE-1. Contact your Crestron representative for additional design assistance.
  3. For wiring between the DGE-1 and V-Panel, use DM-CBL DigitalMedia Cable. The maximum allowable cable length is 150 ft (45 m).
  4. Consult Crestron for a current list of compatible devices and embedded applications. To ensure reliable performance, new device drivers and applications are available only from Crestron through firmware updates.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2011


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