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iMedia Receiver, Single IM Input plus Microphone

  • A simple, affordable solution for single-display multimedia presentation
  • iMedia Transport for fast and easy single-cable installation
  • Supports XGA resolution up to 84 feet, UXGA maximum up to 34 feet

This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

Crestron's iMedia provides an extremely simple and affordable multimedia presentation control solution for small conference rooms and training rooms. No comparable solution comes close to matching iMedia's speed and ease of installation, intuitive operation, and network manageability at such an incredibly low cost.

The iMedia Transport
The iMedia transport utilizes a single CAT5e* type cable to transmit computer RGB, video, and stereo audio signals to a single projector or plasma display. A typical XGA signal (1024 X 768 pixels at 60Hz) can be transmitted up to 84 feet using iMedia, while higher resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 can be handled over shorter distances. Audio is transmitted digitally at 20-bit, 48 kHz resolution. Control and power signals are also contained on the same wire, eliminating the need for separate control or power cables.

iMedia Receiver
Mounted at the projector or plasma display, the IM-RXV1-M receives the iMedia (IM) signal from a single IM transmitter, breaking out the RGB, video, audio, and control signals for connection to the display device. Adjustable bandwidth compensation is provided to maximize image quality over long cable runs.

Integrated Amplifier
The IM-RXV1-M includes a built-in 20 watt stereo amplifier to drive a pair of 8 ohm speakers. Balanced line-level outputs are also provided to allow the audio signal to be connected directly to inputs on the display device or fed to a pair of powered speakers. Onboard digital signal processing affords adjustment of audio levels, plus bass, treble, and balance settings at setup via software.

Wireless Microphone Input
The inclusion of a balanced line input allows the connection of a microphone mixer, wireless receiver, or preamp to support speech reinforcement capabilities. Microphone level is adjustable right at the IM transmitter† by holding the SELECT button and turning the VOLUME knob.

Display Control
The IM-RXV1-M contains both IR and bidirectional RS-232 ports to enable full control of the display device. Two relay ports are also included for control of a projection screen or lift. In addition, the three digital input ports can accept the direct connection of room occupancy sensors and power sensors for enhanced automation and monitoring.

e-Control®2 and RoomView®
Despite its simple design and low cost, the IM-RXV1-M supports Crestron's powerful e-Control 2 XPanel and RoomView applications, delivering the industry's best help desk and resource management solution for any number of rooms equipped with iMedia.

Fast, Easy Setup
System setup takes mere minutes using iMedia Wizard software, providing easy start-to-finish configuration, adjustment, and documentation.

Key Features

  • A simple, affordable solution for single-display multimedia presentation
  • iMedia Transport for fast and easy single-cable installation
  • Supports XGA resolution up to 84 feet, UXGA maximum up to 34 feet
  • Supports composite video signals
  • Built-in LAN, RS-232, IR, relays and digital input control ports
  • NEW! Audio line input for wireless microphone
  • Built-in 20W stereo amp and line outputs
  • Complete setup in minutes using iMedia Wizard Software
  • Built-in Web-server supports e-Control 2 and RoomView

Last Updated: Sep 2, 2015


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