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Media Presentation Button Panel B10

A 3-gang, 10-button wall mount control panel with customizable backlit labeling, LED feedback, and volume control knob. Single-wire interface via Ethernet or Cresnet.

The MP-B10 is an enhanced pushbutton control panel designed for installation in a wall or podium. It is ideal for expanding a Crestron MPC Media Presentation Controller™, or as a cost-effective user interface for a MPS Multimedia Presentation System or any other Crestron system. Available in white or black, the MP-B10 is constructed to handle the rigors of everyday use in a typical classroom, meeting room, lecture hall, or training facility.

Its 10 programmable "hard key" buttons can be freely programmed for any function such as system power, input source selection, transport control, and lighting presets. Custom backlit labeling of the buttons is facilitated using an assortment of pre-printed labels or Crestron Engraver software. Adjusting audio volume and other parameters is enabled using the continuous-turn control knob and LED bargraph.

A built-in IR receiver provides a gateway for Crestron IR wireless touchpanels and handheld remotes. A light sensor is also included, programmable for controlling the MP-B10's backlight intensity, or for providing ambient lighting level data to the control system for other applications. The MP-B10 may be powered through the network wiring using either Cresnet or PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), requiring just one wire for operation.

Key Features

  • Wall mount pushbutton control panel
  • 10 programmable buttons with LED feedback
  • Customizable backlit button labels
  • Volume control knob and LED bargraph
  • Built-in IR receiver and light sensor
  • Cresnet and 10/100 Ethernet
  • 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet compatible
  • Rugged construction
  • 3-gang wall-mountable

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2009


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