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iMedia FlipTop Computer Center

  • Flush-mount tabletop computer interface
  • Streamlined user controls for foolproof operation
  • iMedia Transport for fast and easy single-cable installation

Crestron's iMedia provides an extremely simple and affordable multimedia presentation control solution for small conference rooms and training rooms. No comparable solution comes close to matching iMedia's speed and ease of installation, intuitive operation, and network manageability at such an incredibly low cost.

The iMedia Transport
The iMedia transport utilizes a single CAT5e* type cable to transmit computer RGB, video, and stereo audio signals to a single projector or plasma display. A typical XGA signal (1024 X 768 pixels at 60Hz) can be transmitted up to 84 feet using iMedia, while higher resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 can be handled over shorter distances. Audio is transmitted digitally at 20-bit, 48 kHz resolution. Control and power signals are also contained on the same wire, eliminating the need for separate control or power cables.

FlipTop Computer Interface
The IM-FTCC-M is an iMedia (IM) transmitter designed to install flush in a tabletop surface to provide a convenient and low-profile interface solution. Beneath the "FlipTop" lid, a recessed compartment contains easy pull-out RGB and audio cables to facilitate the connection of a single computer source. The cables stow neatly within the compartment when not in use. Excess cable simply drops out-of-sight below the box through grommeted holes provided in the bottom plate. An additional hole is available to accommodate a third-party LAN cable if needed.

For complete connectivity, the IM-FTCC-M also includes an AC power receptacle. Installing wiring for the IM-FTCC-M is extremely simple requiring just a single CresCAT-IM cable. Up to three IM-FTCC-M's, or other IM transmitters, may be installed as part of a complete system to provide multiple input locations within the room.

Foolproof Operation
Every iMedia system is easy and intuitive to use. A single press of the large SELECT button inside the compartment lowers the screen or lift, turns on the projector (or plasma, etc.) and routes the connected computer signal to the appropriate input. The front panel volume control affords easy adjustment of the audio level for the computer input. When used with an IM-RXV-M series receiver, the system's microphone level can be adjusted by holding the SELECT button and turning the VOLUME knob. The entire system can be turned off at any time by simply holding the SELECT button for 5 seconds.

For systems having more than one IM transmitter, selecting an input at a given input location overrides the previously selected input at any other location. The audio level for each input location is controlled individually by its respective volume control.

Key Features

  • Flush-mount tabletop computer interface
  • Streamlined user controls for foolproof operation
  • iMedia Transport for fast and easy single-cable installation
  • Supports XGA resolution up to 84 feet, UXGA maximum up to 34 feet
  • Easy pull-out cables and AC power outlet
  • Provides microphone level control for IM-RXV-M series receivers
  • Complete system setup in minutes using iMedia Wizard Software

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2009


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