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Video/RGB Switcher

  • Integrated video and RGB matrix switcher
  • Low-cost expansion for MP2 and MP2E systems
  • Optimized performance over conventional coaxial cable

Crestron's MediaManager is a comprehensive family of affordable products fusing high-performance AV signal distribution, device control, and facility-wide system management. MediaManager simplifies the art of ProAV system design and installation with complete hardware, software, and low-cost wiring solutions.

The C2N-MMS is a professional video and RGB matrix switcher designed to expand the switching capabilities of Crestron's MP2 and MP2E integrated AV control systems. Combining a high-bandwidth 3x2 video switcher and 4x2 RGB switcher in a compact single-space rack mount chassis, the C2N-MMS works with any 2-Series control system to provide a flexible and cost effective signal routing solution for all types of multimedia presentation applications.

3X2 Video Matrix
The video portion of the C2N-MMS accepts up to three composite or S-Video inputs, and routes them to either of two outputs. Each output is independently controllable to support dual displays, or a single display with touchpanel preview.

4X2 RGB Matrix
The RGB switcher accommodates inputs from up to four computers or other high-resolution sources up to 2048 x 1536 pixels. Each input can be routed freely to two independent RGB outputs. Both outputs are optimized with software-configurable peaking and boost settings to drive cable lengths of 100 feet or more. Selectable sync impedance on every input helps accommodate cable runs of up to 100 feet on the input side as well. Additionally, enabling the DDC feature on any input simulates the presence of a plug-and-play monitor to support the direct connection of most laptop computers.

Built-in Signal Sensing
Input signal sensing is provided on every video and RGB input to enable auto-switching functionality and provide device power status information to the control system.

Optional Scan Converter
Adding an optional internal scan converter card enables the C2N-MMS to down-convert any of its four RGB inputs to NTSC/PAL composite or S-Video. The scan converted signal may then be routed to either of the video outputs, supporting cost-effective preview monitoring, video recording, and teleconferencing capabilities using any video touchpanel or low-cost video monitor. The scan converter supports a range of VESA standard and non-standard input resolutions from 640 x 400 to 2048 x 1536, and includes touchpanel-adjustable color and position controls with built-in test patterns for easy setup.

Key Features

  • Integrated video and RGB matrix switcher
  • Low-cost expansion for MP2 and MP2E systems
  • Optimized performance over conventional coaxial cable
  • Built-in input signal sensing
  • Optional scan converter
  • Compatible with all Crestron 2-Series control systems
  • Cresnet communications
  • Single-space rack mount installation

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2010


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