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Room Media Controller and QuickMedia® Receiver

  • 2-Series Ethernet Control System and QuickMedia Receiver
  • Built-in Web server supports e-Control 2 and RoomView
  • RS-232, IR, digital in and relay control ports

Crestron's MediaManager is a comprehensive family of affordable products fusing high-performance AV signal distribution, device control, and facility-wide system management. MediaManager simplifies the art of ProAV system design and installation with complete hardware, software, and low-cost wiring solutions.

The QM-RMCRX-BA combines a 2-Series Ethernet control system with a QuickMedia® receiver, digital audio processor, and stereo amplifier to provide a cost-effective solution for AV signal routing and control as part of a complete MediaManager AV presentation system.

QuickMedia® Transport
Crestron's ingenious QuickMedia transport routes all audio, video, and RGB computer signals over a single inexpensive CAT5e type cable*. Computer resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 pixels at 60Hz are supported over cable runs up to 450 feet. Stereo audio and microphone signals are transmitted digitally with high-performance 24-bit resolution.

QuickMedia Receiver
Mounted at the projector or plasma display location, the QM-RMCRX-BA receives the QuickMedia (QM) signal from any QM Transmitter or Distribution Center, breaking out each media signal to its respective format to feed the AV inputs on the display device.

High-Res Computer and Video
Separate composite, S-Video, and RGBHV outputs deliver high-quality video and high-resolution computer graphics to the display device. Signal routing occurs automatically under the command of the control system based upon the input source selected at the QM transmitter. Software-controllable compensation maximizes image quality over long cable runs.

High-Performance Audio
In addition to video and RGB, the QuickMedia transport carries four channels of 24-bit digital audio comprising a stereo program signal and two discrete microphone signals. Within the QM-RMCRX-BA, each of the two incoming microphone signals is processed by its own 4-band speech-optimized graphic equalizer. Versatile 4X3 mixing allows the mic signals and stereo program signal to be precisely adjusted and routed to any of three audio output channels. The three channels are ordinarily configured to support discrete stereo program and mono speech outputs, although any mix of signals is possible.

The three balanced line-level outputs can be connected directly to inputs on the display device or used to feed a separate amplifier or external powered speakers. A built-in 20 watt stereo amplifier is also provided to drive a pair of speakers directly.

Professional Digital Audio Processing
Each output channel includes software-adjustable volume, bass, treble, and mute, plus ten-band graphic equalization and 2-band parametric equalization. In addition, the speech output includes up to 40mS of delay adjustment for proper ceiling speaker alignment. All audio processing and mixing is performed in the digital domain, adjustable at setup using Crestron's QM Tools software (part of Crestron Toolbox).

With such extensive audio features, the QM-RMCRX-BA effectively eliminates the need for expensive outboard processors to tailor the system's audio performance to the acoustical environment. Many parameters are controllable in real-time from a keypad or touchpanel, and numerous presets can be saved for instant recall to reconfigure settings for changing room conditions or varying source material.

Display Control Interface
The QM-RMCRX-BA includes two bidirectional RS-232 ports and one IR/Serial port to provide full control of the display device and other equipment. Two relay ports are also included for control of a projection screen or lift. In addition, the four digital input ports can accept the direct connection of room occupancy sensors and power sensors for enhanced automation and monitoring.

2-Series Ethernet Control System
At the heart of the QM-RMCRX-BA is the powerful 2-Series control engine, which can be configured to serve as the master control system for an entire MediaManager system or as a slave device communicating with other Crestron components via Cresnet or Ethernet. The built-in high-speed Ethernet port and Web server provide full connectivity for remote programming and diagnostics, and seamless integration into control networks of any size. Native support for Crestron e-Control®2 and RoomView® applications delivers the industry's best IP-based control and help desk solution. Best of all, complete MediaManager systems are easy to design, program and adjust from start to finish using Crestron SystemBuilder™ software.

Key Features

  • 2-Series Ethernet Control System and QuickMedia Receiver
  • Built-in Web server supports e-Control 2 and RoomView
  • RS-232, IR, digital in and relay control ports
  • Composite, S-Video and RGBHV outputs
  • Onboard audio mixing, equalization, and delay processing
  • 3 Balanced audio line outputs and built-in 20W stereo amplifier
  • 22 nS delay skew compensation and self-peaking audio
  • Easy configuration and setup using SystemBuilder software

Last Updated: Apr 9, 2009


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