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Touch Screens

Control any room, the entire home or facility, conveniently from any of our beautiful, stylish touch screen or remote control. With such a wide selection for you to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to meet your needs and complement any space.

Capacitive Touch Screens

Sleek, multi-touch capacitive touch screens with spectacular Smart Graphics™ technology make a bold statement in any room. Featuring streaming H.264 video, web browsing, Ethernet power and communication, and much more, Crestron capacitive touch screens combine exceptional performance with head-turning style.

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TSW Capacitive Touch Screens

Scheduling Touch Screens

Network scheduling via Outlook® on Crestron touch screens connects the right people, spaces and technology so meetings go smoothly. Room status is clearly displayed on the panel - if available you can book the room when you are on the move. Complete connectivity is provided through a single high-speed Ethernet connection, containing all control and power signals within a single wire.

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Scheduling Panels
Smaller Format Touch Screens

Looking for discrete control when entering or exiting a room, small format touch screens let you access all the features you need within a very small footprint. Use the 4.3" touch screen in places other touch screens just can't go, we provide the choice of mounting to a standard electrical box or to virtually any flat surface - even glass, granite, or marble1. Featuring power and control over Ethernet, streaming video and control, these low-profile touch screens deliver amazing new network and graphics capabilities.

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Smaller Format Touch Screens
Wireless Touch Screens

Get all of the beauty and control of our industry-leading touch screens in a dedicated wireless tablet.

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Wireless Touch Screens
Handheld Remote Controls

Elegant design meets intuitive control. Our handheld remotes are not only beautiful, they stand up to heavy duty use. Thoughtfully designed with smart features and ergonomic navigation, these are our best handheld remotes ever.

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Handheld Remote Controls

1. Item(s) sold separately.

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