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Crestron Excite and Air Speakers

Crestron Speakers

The product of expert audio engineering, Crestron speakers deliver high-end performance for demanding residential and commercial installations. Select materials and a refined appearance underscore the meticulous design behind every model. The result is a complete line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers worthy of a place in every room of the finest home, office, or classroom.

Essence Speakers


Through a combination of Kevlar® woofers, advanced synthetic polymer tweeters, precision 4th order crossovers, and numerous other enhancements, the Essence® line delivers deep, defined low end; crisp, fluent highs; and stunning realism throughout the mids. Additional enhancements are included to streamline installation, including paintable zero-bezel grills, which provide for a virtually invisible appearance.

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Aspire™ Speakers


The Aspire® line strikes a perfect balance between performance and price, delivering pristine, impactful sound quality, with minimal impact on your décor, thanks to paintable zero-bezel grilles. Streamlined installation is facilitated through a three-point, spring-loaded toggle clamp mounting system optimized to minimize interference with obstructions within the ceiling space.

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Excite Speakers


Excite® speakers deliver excellent sound quality and flexible installation in a range of popular sizes and configurations. In addition to multi-room audio, Excite speakers provide an appropriate and affordable choice for multimedia presentation and home theater applications.

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Saros Speakers


Saros® speakers deliver professional grade performance and flexible installation in a range of popular sizes for demanding commercial applications. Solid construction and high-end components are hallmarks of the complete Saros speaker line. Ideal for use in background or foreground music, paging, and sound reinforcement systems, Saros speakers are engineered to achieve smooth, even coverage, high output and clear, natural sound quality through the employment of horn-loaded titanium dome tweeters, high-efficiency damped cone woofers, ported enclosures and precisely tuned crossovers.

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AIR® Speakers


AIR® speakers offer superior sound quality and flexible installation in a range of popular sizes for indoor and outdoor applications. Weatherized construction, high power handling, and extended frequency response makes AIR speakers an ideal choice for enjoying music out on the deck or around the pool. Their clean, contoured design also makes them a great fit for home theater and other interior applications.

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  • AIR_SR4 - AIR® 4" 2-Way Surface Mount Outdoor Speakers
  • AIR_SR6 - AIR® 6.5" 2-Way Surface Mount Outdoor Speakers
  • AIR_SR8 - AIR® 8" 2-Way Surface Mount Outdoor Speakers
  • AIR_LS4T - AIR® 4" Landscape Speakers
  • AIR_LS6T - AIR® 6.5" Landscape Speakers
  • AIR_IGS82T - AIR® Dual 8” In-Ground Subwoofer
AIR® Speakers


Crestron FS speakers provide a pair of attractive, compact loudspeakers designed for multimedia presentation and speech reinforcement in classrooms and other indoor applications. Each speaker features a 6.5" long-throw woofer delivering extended bass response through a dual tuned bass reflex design. High frequencies are crisp and smooth thanks to the 1" wide-dispersion soft dome tweeter. Careful design of the enclosure and crossover assures natural, detailed midrange to cut through the noise of a classroom environment.

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  • FS6 - 6.5" 2-Way Surface Mount Media Presentation Speaker
  • FSDI8 - 8" Drop-in Ceiling Speaker
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