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Crestron Lighting & Shade Control

Crestron home control puts the power of home security in the palm of your hand, to give you peace of mind. An essential part of complete and effective home security starts with prevention. That's why Crestron home systems are designed so you can control and monitor your entire property from virtually anywhere.

Secure Your Property and Keep Your Loved Ones Safe
Preview streaming video from security cameras right on your touch screen display or mobile device. Control camera positions with ease from a handheld, and even remotely from your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ device. Make sure the kids are doing their homework or check in on retired parents miles away.

Keep an eye out any time, all the time. At home, use your touch screen as a video intercom system so you can see who's at the door. While you're away, disarm alarm systems to let in the housekeeper or babysitter, then activate it as soon as they leave. With Crestron, home security is easy and reliable.

Your Home Fully Connected and Secure
Crestron home technology fully integrates all home systems so they communicate with each other constantly. Automatically create the appearance of an occupied home and normal routines as lights and TVs turn on at preset times.

Set the burglar alarm and secure doors and gates with a tap of your touch screen before going to bed. Receive an e-mail that the alarm is not set or the door is open. Prevention and protection is only a touch away.

Crestron home control gives you a hawk eye's view and complete control of your home, inside and out, so you'll know exactly what's going on at all times. A secure home means peace of mind for your whole family. And what's more important than that.


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