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Crestron Fusion

The Crestron Fusion® enterprise management platform enables organizations to monitor and manage AV equipment, room scheduling, lighting, shades, climate, and energy consumption from a single platform.

You can deploy Fusion RV®, Fusion EM® (Energy Management) or both, based on organizational needs. Crestron Fusion is available as a traditional software download, pre-loaded on a rack server, or as a private cloud service managed by Crestron.

Fusion RV enables facility and IT managers to centrally monitor, manage, and schedule AV presentation, video conferencing and capture resources. It can track device and room usage to schedule routine maintenance, provide real-time remote technical support and receive instant alert notifications. Robust reporting features provide data to make more effective purchasing and scheduling decisions.

Fusion EM manages and monitors renewable and sustainable energy sources in real-time and displays historical usage data for day, week, month or year. It also provides environmental control, including lighting, shades and climate to intelligently integrate with room scheduling and occupancy levels for greater energy savings. Fusion EM is able to track the building's carbon footprint while enabling facility managers to easily analyze energy consumption.

(PDF - 18.9M)
Jan 9, 2015

This is the Fusion brochure.

(PDF - 7.6M)
Jan 9, 2015

This is the Fusion PowerPoint.

Crestron Fusion in the Cloud

Crestron Fusion Cloud Edition delivers all the benefits of enterprise management without the responsibilities of managing additional servers on the corporate network. Hosted on a dedicated, private server, and employing standard security protocols, Crestron Fusion is always "on" and available to you no matter where you are. Simply enter the unique URL and host name to access all the power and functionality of Crestron Fusion, just as if it resided on the premises. Optional multiple, redundant servers are available for additional backup security. Compatible with Crestron 3-Series Control Systems® and TSS-XX2 room scheduling touch screens.

Fusion RV

  • Remotely monitor room occupancy and status of AV devices for preventive maintenance

  • Streamline help desk operations with real-time chat and instant email alerts

  • Auto-discover assets upon deployment for improved tracking and built-in usage reporting

  • Reserve rooms via Microsoft® Exchange Server, IBM® Notes®, Google® Calendar™, and R25®

  • 360-degree 3D visualization of the entire organization, from individual buildings and floors to all technology in each room


Fusion EM

  • Reduce energy loads for demand response programs

  • At-a-glance view occupancy status by single room, entire floor or whole campus

  • Define environmental settings based on time of day, room occupancy or inactive spaces

  • Maintain full control and automation of lighting levels, shades, and climate - anytime, anywhere

  • 360-degree 3D visualization of the entire organization, from individual buildings and floors to all technology in each room


Crestron Fusion Custom Reports

Crestron Fusion gives you the analytics reports you need to acquire valuable insight into how your meeting rooms, facilities, and AV equipment are being used and how energy is being consumed.

The reporting interface enables new reports to be added at any time. We can custom-build reports that support whatever business decisions you need to make, using any data that Crestron Fusion collects.


Crestron Fusion Specifier's Workbook

The workbook provides guidelines for Crestron Fusion deployment, as determined by the project requirements. The workbook will help the integrator or consultant, and the client - typically a facilities or technology manager - set objectives and expectations for the project. It will also ensure that all stakeholders in the project have a clear, mutual understanding of the process, key milestones, and what represents completion.


Internet of Things

The "Internet of Things" is about more than just connecting devices. At Crestron, it's about connecting people and information to time and space to make life easier.

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