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Crestron Training Institute

Access CTI exams and questionnaires, view your upcoming classes, and verify certifications and training history


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Integrated Building Technology

DigitalMedia Certification Program

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Crestron Studio

Take your classrooms to a higher level

Crestron Studio software has been redesigned from the ground up to power, speed, and simplify classroom AV system design in ways that were not possible before.

Whether you're a seasoned Crestron programmer or programming a Crestron system for the first time, Crestron Studio makes it easy to create stunning, intuitive graphical user interfaces - without having to write a single line of code.

Easy does it

Now, all you have to do is draw your signal flow diagram like you normally do. Crestron Studio does the rest. All the functionality, the GUI, and the hooks to Crestron Fusion® are automatically generated behind the scenes and Crestron validates all the code. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Crestron Studio also takes advantage of Smart Graphics™ to enable simple gestures navigation, swiping, and kinetic effects such as knobs, sliders, gauges, and scrolling lists, common in smartphones and tablets.

That's just the beginning

With all the basic functionality done in just minutes, use all that extra free time to customize the user interface, and add more customized functionality and automation. Or, just move on to your next project.

Create once, use in every room classroom

Using Crestron Studio it's easier than ever to customize the in-room experience and deploy it in every classroom. Not only is this a tremendous time-saver, but you'll also enjoy a dramatic decrease in systems downtime and calls to the help desk, thanks to the consistent user experience across your campus.

Centralized classroom monitoring and management

With the all-new Crestron Studio, Crestron Fusion enterprise management is integrated without having to type a single line of code. One check box automatically links all the devices in the system to Crestron Fusion for campus-wide monitoring and control capabilities. Facilities or IT managers can check the status of all Crestron devices and AV devices in every classroom. They can also check room occupancy, selected sources, detected source signals, and more, anytime, anywhere.

Crestron Studio


Learn how to design and program with Crestron Studio today! This tutorial series is intended for existing Simpl and VTPro-e® programmers to get you familiar with the new Crestron Studio programming tools.


A complete walkthrough of the creation of a simple DMPS3-4K-150-C presentation system

Source Routes & Customizations

A deeper dive into Source Routes to show various customization and routing options

Training Part 1 - Introduction to Crestron Studio

Run Time: 7:46

This series is intended for existing Simpl and VTPro-e programmers to get you familiar with the new Crestron Studio programming tools.

Training Part 2 - Studio Navigation

Run Time: 8:03

Learn your way around and explore the many tools found within Studio.

Training Part 3 - Add & Organize

Run Time: 4:38

Add rooms, zones and devices to your system using filters and speed keys.

Training Part 4 - Add 3rd Party Devices

Run Time: 2:12

See how to import modules and IR drivers into your Studio system.

Training Part 5 - Macro-Based Programming

Run Time: 2:38

Add programming steps to your buttons and other devices using the macro-based editor in no time.

Training Part 6 - Symbol-Based Programming

Run Time: 4:26

Don't fear the new software. Symbol-based programming is as easy as Simpl Windows, with a more programmer-centric environment.

Training Part 7 - Using Diagrams

Run Time: 1:33

Use diagrams to easily save and recall specific sections of code.

Training Part 8 - Build & Upload

Run Time: 1:32

See how easy it is to build and compile a system, configure a network, and upload your files.

Training Part 9 - Importing and Exporting files

Run Time: 4:42

Learn how to export your archived system to keep all of your files together, and import existing systems.

Training Part 10 - Shortcuts, Speed Keys and Smart Fill

Run Time: 6:03

Explore the new methods of efficient programming including Smart Fill.

Training Part 11 - Trace Routings

Run Time: 4:10

See how use Diagrams and speed keys to easily navigate through your logic in Program Designer.

Crestron Studio



(PDF - 130K)
Spec Sheet

(PDF - 2.19M)
Reference Guide

Note: Platform compatibility guide.