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Crestron IntelliClass™ are bundled presentation systems that are simple to install and easy to use. IntelliClass™ come with all you need to get a presentation system in any classroom up and running; no programming or training required.

IntelliClass™ consist of a room controller, audio amplifier, speakers, input wall plates, cables and mounting hardware, including projector mount. Simply add your choice of video projector, screen and AV sources, enter them into the Intelliclass software wizard, and you're done. With simple, labeled button presses, instructors can power on the projector, choose the video or computer source and adjust volume.

RoomView Connected™ DLP projectors make setup even easier, with Crestron plug-and-play support built right in. To swap out RoomView Connected™ projectors, just unplug one and plug in the other.

Network communication between IntelliClass™ and Crestron RoomView® software is safe and secure. With RoomView, teachers can request live AV help desk support, and AV managers can remotely troubleshoot and take control of projectors and other classroom devices.

Built-in broadcast messaging enables single-click display of daily announcements or emergency alerts on any projector on the school network.

It's never been easier or more affordable to bring intelligent technology to the classroom.

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