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Crestron Studio

Crestron Studio software has everything you need to create complete automation projects with graphical user interfaces that will "wow" your clients every time.

Everything is easier in Crestron Studio. It combines programming, GUI design, network configuration, and engraving in one convenient, unified environment. It's, quite simply, the application you've been waiting for. It provides a cleaner, more intuitive layout that will streamline your workflow and provide the best user experience every time.

All-new platform, easy transition

With Crestron Studio, most existing SIMPL concepts, like signals, logic and the symbol library are the same for fast, easy adoption. Bring in any SIMPL or SIMPL+®Core program and immediately begin programming in the new software. It's fully compatible with existing projects and provides radically faster, more efficient project development for your new ones.

Crestron Studio has been engineered from the ground up to take advantage of the latest graphics technologies. It's a totally new platform, providing unprecedented interactivity and automation for control systems.

Crestron Studio allows you to customize the workspace to create a layout that's more familiar to you, making for an amazingly smooth transition. Check out some of the workspaces.

Unified Environment

Fluidly move between tasks within one app: programming, GUI design, engraving, device setup, network configurations. You can even work on multiple projects.

Backward Compatible

Backward compatible with 2-Series™ and 3-Series™ SIMPL programs, user drivers, and
VT Pro-e® projects.

Speed & Power

Complete projects faster with more efficient project development.

Faster Easier More powerful
  • Create multiple programs, layouts, trace windows and tools at once
  • Advanced filtering, type-to-add and drag-and-drop options for adding devices and rooms
  • Reduce repetitive tasks with a wide array of customizable favorites
  • Drag-and-drop programming commands directly onto Core 3 objects
  • Automatic notification and delivery of device updates for the components you choose
  • Network configuration sets network IDs and IP table entries for you
  • Import your existing intellectual property: IR drivers, SIMPL programs, themes and modules
  • Apply macro-style and SIMPL-style programming in the same project at any time
  • Infinitely configurable, tear-away, zoomable workspace


With simple drag-and-drop SmartObjects such as media player, lighting control, weather, TV presets, climate, and intercom, you can instantly add controls for commonly used functions. Simply drop a SmartObject from the library into a project. Crestron Studio dynamically populates each object automatically with the proper buttons, knobs, sliders and switches for each type of source.

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Crestron Studio delivers an intuitive, rich user interface in a fraction of the time of previous design software. All control is built-in and packaged up. Communication is established with just a single join. Even better, utilize that same SmartObject for multiple media players. SmartObjects will automatically display the appropriate buttons. Watch as the controls dynamically change to address the commands of whatever device is selected. You can even edit and re-skin SmartObjects with your own graphics to tailor any project to your corporate identity. For more details, download our Core 3 Graphics Assets Documentation (PDF - 6.5M).

Smart Sizing

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With Smart Sizing technology you design only once and deploy everywhere - even mobile devices - no reprogramming, redrawing, or resizing required. Now, you can let your client select the perfect sized touch screen for every room and it won't take a minute more of your time to provide the same cool interface on every one. Not a single missing button or page-flip. Build it just once and finish the job in a snap with Universal Upload of your project to all displays, regardless of size, resolution, or platform.


Select from the library of themes or create your own. Not just backgrounds/wallpaper, supplied themes are fully developed skins. Reuse them and change on the fly without redrawing or reprogramming. Unleash the advanced graphics capabilities of Core 3 UI.

Universal Upload

Compile and upload projects to all touch screens, mobile devices and computers at the same time.

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