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Crestron Integrations with Apple

Crestron integration with Apple® is the perfect marriage of content and technology to create the perfect home entertainment system. Control audio, video, lights, shades and thermostats directly from your iPad® iPhone® or Mac®. Connect your iPad® to the home network for a seamless, elegant solution to manage your iTunes® library and enjoy music and more throughout the home.

Crestron Apps™ fully support iOS 7.

Crestron app for iPad, iPhone and iTouch

The ultimate mobile control app for home or office, the Crestron App easily integrates iOS® devices with home automation systems to monitor and control entertainment systems, lights, shades, temperature, security and more from anywhere with a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection. Featuring a rich Smart Graphics™ interface, the Crestron App delivers an intuitive user-experience with gestured-driven controls, animated feedback, and metadata such as iTunes® album artwork and user-defined playlists. The interface is totally customizable to meet your needs, including the ability to create optimized GUI designs for both portrait and landscape mode that dynamically interchange as you rotate your iOS® device.

Download the Crestron App for iOS®

For Android® devices, please see the Crestron Mobile Pro® App

iPad abd iPhone
iPanel™ Docking Stations for iPad

Crestron iPanel docks turn your iPad into a stationary Crestron touch screen. The stylish tabletop and in-wall docks are designed for seamless integration with our Crestron App and allow full use of the iPad while charging.

Learn more about:
IDOC-PAD-LCA-DSC— Table Dock for iPad Air™
IDOC-PAD-DSC— Table Dock for the original iPad, the iPad 2, or the iPad (3rd generation)
IDOC-PAD-DSW— In-wall Dock

Which devices do you have?

No matter which Apple device you have, Crestron has a solution for you.

iPod® & iPhone®

iPod Nano® iPod Classic® iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen® iPhone 3G/3GS iPhone 4/S iPod Touch 5th Gen iPhone 5(S/C)
Table Top Dock

In-wall Dock

Crestron App


iPad 1st Gen iPad 2 iPad 3rd Gen iPad Air
Table Top Dock
In-wall Dock Coming Soon
Crestron App
Crestron iServer™ Network Audio Server

The award-winning ("Best Audio Component", "Best Media Server", and "Best New Product of the Year", just to name a few) Crestron iServer was the first audio server to use an iPod as its internal hard drive. Exclusive built-in technology communicates over Ethernet, enabling iServer to seamlessly connect to the home computer network and automatically synchronize with the iTunes library whenever new content is added or playlists are created.

Learn more about Crestron iServer™
iPod Server

Docking Stations for iPod and iPhone

Crestron iPod docking stations provide full iPod functionality, allowing users to do everything that they can do from their iPod and more from a whole house audio system via a Crestron touch screen or mobile app. Intelligent network devices, Crestron docks enable family members to dock personal iPods throughout the home for convenient charging, automatic syncing with iTunes and playing content. Desktop and in-wall models are available in black or white.

Learn more about:
CEN-IDOCV— Table Top Dock
CEN-IDOCV-DSW— In-wall Dock

e-Control® Software for Apple

XPanel for Mac
XPanel for Mac delivers Crestron touch screen control to any MacBook®. Access and control any device or environmental system remotely from a Mac computer.

Learn more about XPanel for Mac

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