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Adagio® is a simple to use, easy to install and affordable home entertainment system. Imagine the entire family's media — CDs, MP3s, satellite radio, DVDs — all brought together in a single system. Adagio is a stand-alone Crestron solution that can be set up in just minutes. Simply take Adagio out of the box, plug it in, and turn your living room into a state-of-the-art home theater-or listen to music throughout the house. Adagio is priced to fit every budget and can easily grow with any family. Need more rooms? Easy. Adagio automatically adds the new rooms for you. Remember when listening to music and watching TV was simple? It can be with Adagio.

Adagio is the most award-winning family
of products in the industry

product resources

Reference Guide

Adagio Recommended Maximum System and Out-Of-Box Functionality

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Adagio Composer

Simplify installation of Adagio Composer by using Crestron MasterInstaller for Adagio Composer. This single download will automatically install/update all Crestron software needed for Adagio Composer on your computer. You must be logged-in as a Crestron Dealer or Partner to download this software or view the online training.

Download Crestron MasterInstaller for Adagio® Composer

Online Training (for Authorized Dealers and Partners)

Adagio System Hardware Configuration
This short demo will show you how to connect, setup, and configure the various Ethernet and Cresnet control and interface devices that are part of a typical Adagio system.
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Adagio Composer
This simple to use software is explained step-by-step.
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product reviews

Test Reports: Adagio Entertainment System

The easiest audio distribution system we've ever installed, with formidable power and pedigree to take you way beyond music. This system surprised and impressed me in a number of ways. Interestingly, even though it installs easily, Adagio is not meant for end-user installation - Crestron intends it to be sold, installed and serviced through their dealer channel.
While it's not as inexpensive as a typical audio distribution system, its potential automation
capabilities make it a down right steal.

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Crestron Adagio

Crestron is making a bold move to combine audio distribution and home automation in the entry-level space. Set up took only 30 minutes and integrators can easily add room controllers, audio sources and other home devices. All components such as tuners, including satellite radio, amplifier and multiroom processors are fully integrated into a single box with front panel control and Ethernet connectivity.

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Crestron Brings Music Distribution To the Masses

Adagio offers a really good opportunity for entry level applications that previously were unavailable to us.

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The Simple Home Automation Solution

Read about the opportunities Adagio creates and Crestron's future plans for the product line. Learn about the impact this new family of products can have on your business and how Adagio adds more value than any other audio distribution system on the market. Crestron dealers and programmers share their impressions of Adagio and predictions about their success.

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