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crestron eagles program
Crestron Eagles Program

The Crestron Eagles Program donates state-of-the-art home theater systems to military hospitals. The Eagles Program was conceived by George Feldstein, Crestron President, to provide comfort and entertainment for wounded service men and women returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While visiting Walter Reed and Camp Lejeune, Crestron Government Support Services Manager and Retired U.S. Marine Pete Baca was impressed by the optimism and determination of the wounded soldiers and marines. When they were not in physical therapy working hard to recover, they passed time in the lounge or recreation room before the Eagles program, which provided few amenities or comfort. Learning of the basic conditions in the lounges for these heroes and their families, Mr. Feldstein was immediately motivated to take action.

"I believe that every company in the private sector should do whatever they can to support and honor the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much to defend our country,"
said Mr. Feldstein.

As an active member of the ELF Foundation, which donates home theaters to Children's Hospitals, Mr. Feldstein was inspired to create the Crestron Eagles Program. The ELF Foundation has been a huge success, completing 70 "Rooms of Magic" in just seven years, and providing support to children with long-term illnesses and their families.

The Crestron Eagles Program was designed with care and empathy for our Wounded Warriors. "On all other American emblems the eagle faces to the right, which symbolizes power and strength," Feldstein explains. "This eagle faces left, which symbolizes compassion. Everyone has responsibility to give back to our service men and women who courageously made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and democracy."

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