4K60 Now Runs in the Family

DMPS3 Series DigitalMedia Presentation Systems

Crestron set the industry standard with all-in-one DigitalMedia Presentation Systems. Now, the next generation DMPS3 Series resets the standard.

The new DMPS3-4K-300 and DMPS3-4K-200 feature 4K60, full support for HDCP 2.2, and Control Subnet. Like all DMPS3 Series, they feature a built-in 3-Series Control System® to deliver unmatched power and performance. Setup and touch screen control are simple using the web-based configuration tool, with no programming required.


Complete family of all-in-one DMPS3 Series solutions

DMPS3 Series is engineered to meet the functional and budgetary requirements of any room or space.

Simple setup, consistent user experience

DMPS3 Series make installation and commissioning easier than ever. How easy? Thanks to its built-in exclusive .AV Framework technology, you can get a complete system up and running with no custom programming, and deliver a consistent user experience in every room.

Seamlessly add wireless

Wireless BYOD presentation capability can easily be added by connecting AirMedia (AM-101) to the HDMI port.

Everything you need to deliver the highest quality presentation experience possible

The DMPS3 combine trusted DigitalMedia™ technology with an IP-based 3-Series Control System®, 4K/60 multimedia switcher, mic mixer / audio DSP (select models) in a single rack mountable package. DMPS3 Series deliver bit-for-bit, zero latency HD video switching and display, including HDCP 2.2 protected content.

Built for the enterprise

High-speed Ethernet connectivity enables integration with IP- controllable devices and allows the DMPS3 Series to be part of a larger managed control network. In addition to the LAN port, the DMPS3-4K-300-C and DMPS3-4K-200-C each has a built-in Control Subnet port, which enables you to deploy a separate DM network. This makes system updates and troubleshooting faster, and requires just one IP address to connect the entire system to the LAN.

Wired for sound

DMPS3-4K-200-C and DMPS3-4K-300-C are designed to meet all your audio distribution needs. In addition to the built-in audio DSP and codec mixing, they provide breakaway audio routing, surround sound pass-through, 6-channel mic mixing, and integrated amplifier with field selectable outputs for preamp, 4/8ohm, and 70/100V.

4K60 with built-in scaling

The DMPS3 Series features scaled HDMI® outputs to transmit any resolution source to any resolution display.

The NEW DMPS3-4K-300-C

DMPS3 Series Product Line

Model HDMI Inputs DM Inputs VGA Inputs HDMI Outputs DM Outputs Power Injection Control Subnet Web-based Configuration
DMPS3-4K-300-C 6 2 -- 2 scaled 2 PoDM+
DMPS3-4K-200-C 6 1 -- 1 scaled 1 PoDM+
DMPS3-4K-150-C 4 2 4 1 scaled 1 scaled PoDM --
DMPS3-4K-100-C 4 -- 4 1 scaled 1 scaled PoDM --
DMPS3-4K-50 4 -- 4 1 scaled -- -- --


Application Diagrams

Zūm Platform

Occupancy Sensor

Provides in-room automation and room usage data to Crestron Fustion Cloud

Zūm Load Controller

(Options: 0-10V, Relay, Plug, Universal Phase) Enables all system devices to communicate with each other - up to 1920W

Zūm Network Bridge

Snaps onto the Zūm Load Controller to set up and manage spaces remotely - covers 2.25 million sq. ft. without visible antennas

Zūm Keypad

Standard backbox installation, or stick battery powered Zūm keypad anywhere - even on glass or brick

Zūm Dimmer

Building-wide lighting control is just as easy as in-room lighting control.

Zūm Daylight Sensor

Automatically adjusts lighting based on natural light levels