Classrooms, using the latest communication and collaboration technology, enable students and teachers to present and share ideas from a variety of wired and wireless sources, including laptops, mobile devices, in-room computers, document cameras, and Blu-ray players. Features, such as one-touch presentation start and auto source-select, make the educational experience engaging and robust.


Lecture halls accommodate more students and more technology, so flexibility, intelligibility, visibility, and simplicity are critically important. These rooms can integrate wired and wireless presentation, and remote presentation via streaming network video and video conferencing. Ultra high-defintition video, high-quality audio, one or two displays, lecture and content capture, and transport to overflow rooms are also featured. Intuitive plug-and-play, auto source-select, and one-touch lecture start create a natural and engaging learning space for everyone.


Ultimately flexible and intuitive, this interactive learning environment facilitates presentation and collaboration among student groups in the room and from remote locations. Each team can present, share, and collaborate effortlessly from laptops and mobile devices. The instructor can monitor conversations and instantly share activity from one group with another, or with the entire class. The instructor can take control of this dynamic space at any time to present content or direct the conversations.


Distribute video content throughout the university using standard network infrastructure and devices. Stream low-bandwidth, high-quality H.264 video without an AV matrix switcher. Simply add a transmitter or receiver where you want to add a source or display; or add network video to any learning space, cafeteria, or student lounge.