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Transportation Solutions

Your yacht or custom motor coach is more than just your home away from home. It's also your office away from the office. A Crestron automation solution lets you enjoy the same communications, convenience, and lifestyle on the road, and out at sea as you do in your home or office.

Browse and play your favorite music and movies without leaving the captain's chair or the bedroom. Dim lights, adjust shades and thermostats, and set the hot tub to your perfect setting - all from one screen. Complete control is always at your fingertips whether from an easy-to-navigate touch screen, waterproof remote, or from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ mobile device. More than a beautiful user interface, Crestron systems are rugged, reliable, and perfect for mobile environments.

Yachts Whether in port or on the high seas, all vessel amenities are just a touch away using a Crestron touch screen or your favorite Apple® or Android™ mobile device. With a finger tap, Crestron enables control of audio/video, lights, shades, pool and hot tubs, CCTV cameras, doorbells, motorized awnings, and more. Crestron DigitalMedia™ distributes high-definition audio and video to all TVs and screens so you and your guests can enjoy your favorite movies and TV programs anywhere on the yacht.

Learn about Crestron's role aboard the Palmer Johnson yacht

This super-yacht perfectly illustrates how Crestron control is suited for the marine environment. Integrator, AV Synergy, won a Crestron Residential Integration Award, in the Best Marine Project category for their work on a 50m Palmer Johnson yacht that delivers the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

A fully integrated Crestron system offers charter clients a fabulous experience without having to spend hours learning how to operate the system. Clear, intuitive control for a number of source devices, streamed to 15 separate areas, 6 satellite boxes, five music players, four audio streams from one music player, two FM Tuners, ships passageway PC and CCTV helps make this yacht spectacular.

Motor Coaches Enjoy all the technology you're accustomed to at home on your cross country trips. A Crestron system in your private motor coach offers complete integration of entertainment, lighting, climate, shades and other connected devices so you can conveniently control all systems to your liking. Virtually all electronics onboard are at your disposal with a tap on a Crestron touch screen or your favorite mobile device.

Find out how Crestron rolls inside a Liberty Coach

Chicago-based Liberty Coach produces several dozen fully equipped luxury motor coaches each year using Crestron automation technology to control lights, shades, HVAC, entertainment and even some of the mechanical systems on board. Motor coaches may only have 320 square feet of real estate to work with and are usually used a month or less out of a year, but the goal for Liberty Coach is ensuring all the comforts and conveniences of home are on board and as intuitive as possible. The endless customizability and rugged quality of Crestron products allows Liberty Coach to design luxury coaches built to rule the road for millions of miles.

Custom Automotive Crestron custom automotive solutions deliver the ultimate corner office on wheels. Whether you own a Mercedes Benz van, Cadillac Escalade, custom stretch limo or other luxury passenger vehicle, capitalize on every available second to work on a deal, conduct meetings in-person or by video conference, or just relax and think - all in a mobile space that reflects your personal taste and professional style. Meanwhile, the feature-rich interior environment is kept simple by Crestron one-touch control applied to the 12 volt environment of a motor vehicle and its inherently variable climate and motion conditions. Crestron touch screens enable simple control of virtually every in-cabin system and device in your custom vehicle.

See how the incomparable Becker JetVan® utilizes Crestron

A modified Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, the JetVan sports a discreet exterior that ensures the unpretentious business image preferred by today's top business executives. Meetings can be conducted in person, via audio or video conference - all in an environment that feels like the interior of a private jet.

Without ever having to unclasp the seatbelt, passengers can access high speed Internet, 3G/4G wireless technology, satellite TV and radio, mobile devices, and DVD players, plus air conditioning and heating controls, privacy dividers, aircraft-like LED lighting, electric aviation blinds, complete seat controls and automated side entry door. "The Crestron system makes it quick and easy - whether you want to relax and enjoy or get down to business," says president Howard Becker. "A cutting edge vehicle requires cutting edge technology."

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