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Crestron 4K Certified

Crestron Demonstrates Live 4K Switching at ISE 2014

4K is here and DM® can handle it now
At ISE in February, attendees and exhibitors alike crowded the Crestron booth to witness what they thought did not yet exist: real-time 4K switching, with multiple sources going through a DM® switcher to multiple displays.

Sure, other manufacturers proudly claim that they have "matrix frames" that are "4K ready." But they should've been ready last year - or back in 2009, as DigitalMedia™ was. From inception, DM matrix frames were "ready" to handle 4K, and we're now delivering the cards and end points.

DigitalMedia™ 4K Upgrade Program
For a limited time, you can get big discounts when you upgrade your card-based DM systems to 4K.

It's easy - just replace cards and receivers

  • No programming
  • No new wire
  • All components completely backwards-compatible

Learn how much you can save when you upgrade to 4K — call 855-604-2127 today.
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Crestron 4K Certified Devices
To build a solid distributed 4K system, you need solid 4K sources and displays. But compatibility issues between different brands, new cable length limitations, and mismatched resolutions all have the potential to compromise a 4K system. So how do you know which 4K products to trust?

Leave it to the experts at Crestron. Our engineers in the DigitalMedia Lab are taking the industry lead in 4K product testing. It's so new that we're actually painstakingly building our own 4K test equipment because none exists yet. We're working on it as fast as we can. Doing it right takes time. But it will be worth the wait − when you see the Crestron 4K Certified logo on a 4K source or display you'll have total confidence that you can trust it to work in an integrated system.

Select devices to display.
Manufacturer Model Type Results
Apple® MacBook Pro® with Retina Display® Source Certified - Download Report
Brightsign® 4K1142 Source Certified - Download Report
Lanner LEC-7388S Source Certified - Download Report
LG® 55LA9700-UA Display Certified - Download Report
LG® 55UB9500 Display Certified - Download Report
Samsung® U28D590D Display Certified - Download Report
Samsung® U65HU9000F Display Certified - Download Report
Sharp® LC-70UD1U Display Certified - Download Report
Sharp® PN-K321 Display Certified - Download Report
SiliconCore Magnolia P1.5mm LED Display Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® FWD-65X950B Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® KD-55X850B Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® VPL-VW600ES Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® XBR-55X850A Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® XBR-55X900A Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® XBR-65X850A Display Certified - Download Report
Sony® XBR-65X900A Display Certified - Download Report
TCL® LE50UHDE5691 Display Certified - Download Report
Toshiba® 58L9300 Display Certified - Download Report
7th Sense™ Delta Media Source Currently Testing
Asus™ GeForce® GTX TITAN 6GD5 Source Currently Testing
Blackmagic Design® Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Source Currently Testing
Brightsign® 4K1240 Source Currently Testing
Christie Digital ® D4K2560 Display Currently Testing
Dell® Dell Precision® M3800 Laptop Source Currently Testing
Denon® AVR-X3100 AVR Currently Testing
Denon® AVR-X4000 AVR Currently Testing
Integra® DTR30.5 AVR Currently Testing
LG® BP730 Source Currently Testing
Marantz® SR7008 AVR Currently Testing
Oppo™ BDP-103 Source Currently Testing
Panasonic® TC-L65WT600 Display Currently Testing
Planar® UR8450 Display Currently Testing
QNAP® iS2840 Source Currently Testing
REDRAY® REDRAY 4K Cinema Player Source Currently Testing
Samsung® BD-F7500 Source Currently Testing
Samsung® UD590 Display Currently Testing
Samsung® UN55F9000 Display Currently Testing
Seiki® SE50UY04 Display Currently Testing
Sony® BDP-S790 Source Currently Testing
Sony® FDR-AX1 4K Camcorder Source Currently Testing
Sony® STR-DA5800ES AVR Currently Testing
Sony® XBR-84X900 Display Currently Testing
Yamaha® RX-A303OBL AVR Currently Testing

Are you a manufacturer of a 4K device you'd like us to certify? Learn how.


Challenges of Distributing 4K Video - White Paper
4K Ultra HD video delivers stunning beauty and resolution. But like most new technology, it comes with challenges, as well. Enormous bandwidth (10 Gbit/s) is required to deliver 4K video. This places unprecedented demands on infrastructure. Learn everything you need to know to be successful with 4K signal distribution in this white paper.

Crestron DigitalMedia™ 4K Product Family
4K Ultra HD is here and DigitalMedia can handle it now. The DM product line features a complete range of devices to enable reliable 4K matrix switching using Crestron 4K Certified sources and displays.


New DMC Training for 4K
Our DMC-D and DMC-E courses have been enhanced for 4K and renamed DMC-D-4K and DMC-E-4K, respectively. If you're not yet a DMC-D, you can take the entire DMC-D-4K course free online now.

Already a DMC-D or DMC-E?
Update your DMC-D or DMC-E certification to DMC-D-4K or DMC-E-4K, respectively. It's easy. Simply take our DigitalMedia 4K Update online course and pass the exam. We will then add -4K to your certification credentials.

If you're a DMC-T
No additional training or 4K certification is required for DMC-Ts because the infrastructure and termination requirements for 4K are the same as before. Everyone with DMC-T certification is now a DMC-T-4K.


Switchers and Distribution Amplifiers

DigitalMedia and 4K Switchers
  • DMPS3-4K-150-C - 3-Series® 4K DigitalMedia™ Presentation System 150

    • Ultra high-definition, multi-format 10x1 presentation switcher, scaler, mic preamp, audio DSP, and control system
    • Out of the box Crestron Connect It™ collaboration system functionality
    • Supports up to four TT-100 series Crestron Connect It presentation interfaces [1]
  • DM-MD8X8 - 8x8 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

    • A fully modular and expandable 8x8 DigitalMedia matrix switcher, the DM-MD8X8 delivers ultra-fast digital video and audio switching, including 4K, plus lossless HD multi-room signal distribution for all types of AV sources.
  • DM-MD16X16 - 16x16 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

    • The DM-MD16X16 provides ultra fast switching and pure, lossless distribution of HDMI®, 4K, and other signals to support all the Blu-ray Disc® players, HDTV receivers, digital media servers, computers, HD cameras, and high-definition displays that fill any modern home or commercial facility.
  • DM-MD32X32 - 32x32 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

    • The DM-MD32X32 is field-configurable to handle up to 32 AV sources of virtually any type. The outputs are also field-configurable to provide up to 32 DM, HDBaseT®, 4K, and/or HDMI outputs, or up to 16 H.264 streaming outputs, in a single chassis.
  • DM-MD64X64 - 64x64 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

    • The DM-MD64X64 is a modular matrix switcher designed for large-scale projects demanding ultimate reliability. It delivers ultra fast signal routing and pure, lossless distribution of 4K, HDMI®, and other signals to support all sources and displays.
  • DM-MD128X128 - 128x128 DigitalMedia™ Switcher

    • Featuring a scalable blade-based design, the DM-MD128X128 affords maximum input and output count, including 4K, to provide ultimate reliability for massive, mission-critical projects.

Switchers Cards

DigitalMedia and 4K Switcher Cards
  • DMC-4K-HD - 4K HDMI® Input Card for DM® Switchers

    • Enables 4K HDMI® input to 8X8, 16X16, and 32X32 DM® switchers
    • Also includes HDMI and stereo analog audio outputs, and a USB HID port
  • DMC-4K-C-DSP - 4K DigitalMedia 8G+™ Input Card w/Downmixing for DM® Switchers

    • Modular input card for a DM-MD8X8, DM-MD16X16, or DM-MD32X32 switcher
    • Provides a single 4K DM 8G+™ input
    • HDBaseT® Certified — Enables direct connection to other HDBaseT certified equipment
  • DMC-4K-HD-DSP - 4K HDMI® Input Card w/Downmixing for DM® Switchers

    • Enables 4K HDMI® input to 8X8, 16X16, and 32X32 DM® switchers
    • Includes stereo down-mixing of multichannel input signals to enable simultaneous distribution of multichannel and 2-channel audio
    • Also includes HDMI and stereo analog audio outputs, and a USB HID port

Switchers Blades

DigitalMedia and 4K Switcher Blades
  • DMB-4K-I-HD - 8-Channel 4K HDMI® Input Blade for DM® Switchers

    • Enables 4K HDMI input to 64X64 and 128X128 DM switchers
  • DMB-4K-O-C - 8-Channel 4K DigitalMedia 8G+™ Output Blade for DM® Switchers

    • Enables 4K DM output from 64X64 and 128X128 DM switchers
    • The output can be connected to a DM receiver or directly to any HDBaseT® compliant device


DigitalMedia and 4K Receivers
  • DM-RMC-4K-100-C - 4K DigitalMedia 8G+™ Receiver & Room Controller 100

    • The DM-RMC-4K-100-C provides a simple one-box interface for a single 4K display device as part of a complete DM system. In addition to lossless audio and 4K video, the DM-RMC-4K-100-C provides Ethernet, RS-232, and IR control ports. Its compact low-profile design enables discreet installation behind a flat panel display or above a ceiling mounted projector.
  • HD-RX3-C - 4K HDMI® over HDBaseT® Receiver

    • Provides a very simple and reliable solution for extending uncompressed high-definition video and audio signals
  • HD-XSPA - 4K Ultra High-Definition 7.1 Surround Sound AV Receiver

    • The HD-XSPA brings in 4K video from a matrix switcher through a Crestron DM input port and four local HDMI inputs. With a built-in high-performance 8-channel amplifier, HD-XSPA makes it easy and affordable to include high-quality 7.1 surround sound in a home theater as part of a whole-house AV distribution system.


DigitalMedia and 4K Extenders
  • HD-EXT3-C - 4K HDMI® over HDBaseT® Extender w/IR & RS-232

    • Provides a very simple and reliable solution for extending uncompressed high-definition video, audio, and control signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a single CAT5e.
  • HD-EXT4-C - 4K HDMI® over HDBaseT® Extender w/Analog Audio

    • Provides a very simple and reliable solution for extending uncompressed high-definition video and audio signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a single CAT5e. Includes additional capability for extending analog audio over a second CAT5e.


DigitalMedia and 4K Transmitters
  • HD-TX3-C - 4K HDMI® over HDBaseT® Transmitter

    • HDBaseT® Certified 4K Ultra HD signal extender
    • Extends uncompressed digital video and audio over a single CAT type twisted pair cable [1]
    • Supports cable lengths up to 330 ft (100 m) for all resolutions up to 4K and Ultra HD using DM® Ultra cable [1]

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