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Home Control

As the world becomes more digital and an abundance of electronic devices enter our homes, wouldn’t it be great to cut through the clutter and control everything with one simple device? With Crestron, the future is now.

Using a Crestron control solution, you can control everything in your home from one fully customizable interface. Control all of your televisions, movie players, music, and more or monitor and adjust your home’s lighting, climate, shades, and security system – anytime, anywhere.


Crestron control solutions allow you to easily take control of your home with your favorite Apple device.

With our iPhone and iPad apps, you can transform your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate remote control. When paired with a Crestron control box, you’ll be able to use your iPhone or iPad to fully control, automate, and monitor your home from anywhere you have a data connection.

Prefer your MacBook® or iMac®? We have an application for that as well.

If you’re looking to control your home from an Apple device, there’s no better solution than Crestron. Control everything. All from one app.

iPad Wall Mounted

Experience Mobile Pro

Discover how easy it is to control everything in your home from your iPhone. Click the controls on the iPhone to get started and discover a whole new way to "phone home".

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  • Lighting
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  • Security system

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