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Crestron dealers are the most professional, skilled and talented system installers and programmers in the world. We provide extensive training and certification programs to ensure each dealer stays up-to-date on all the latest technology, trends and best practices. With thousands of authorized Crestron dealers worldwide, there's sure to be one near you.

Elite Partners are dealers who have taken the technology to the next level. They deliver supreme value by providing complete, fully integrated systems. Use the locator for a list of Elite Partners in your area.

US and Canada

Zip/Postal Code    OR  City & State/Prov


Return Results Within

Return only dealers with the following certifications

  • CTI
  • Masters
  • DMC-D-4K
  • DMC-T-4K
  • DMC-E-4K
  • DMC-D
  • DMC-E
  • CLC-P
  • CLC-C
  • CSS-D
  • CSS-T
  • RL-C

Certification Key:

Crestron Certifications
CTI = Crestron Technical Institute Certified Programmer
Masters = Master Programmer (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
DMC = Digital Media Certified (D = Designer, E = Engineer, T-4K = Technician 4K, D-4K = Designer 4K, E-4K = Engineer 4K)
CLC = Commercial Lighting Controls (P = Programmer, C = Certified)
CSS = Crestron Shading Solutions (D = Designer, T = Technical Installer)
RL = Crestron RL (C = Certified))


To find an Elite Partner outside of the United States or Canada, please visit one of our global offices.


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