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>> Home > About > Press Room - All the Latest Crestron News > Press Releases > Press Release: Crestron Announces Its MediaManifold® HD-CATV Distribution System Is Now Shipping (October 15, 2007)

Contact: Dina Khiry | 800.237.2041, ext. 10288 | dkhiry@crestron.com

October 15, 2007

Crestron Announces Its MediaManifold® HD-CATV Distribution System Is Now Shipping

Crestron MediaManifold® Solves Common Problem Simply: 12-zone bidirectional CATV distribution amplifier with individual gain and tilt adjustment

Crestron today announced that its MediaManifold® MM-DS-12, the first 12-zone bidirectional CATV distribution amplifier with individual gain and tilt adjustment, and the MM-HTDR MediaManifold® Cable Analyzer are now shipping. The MM-DS-12 integrates all of the elements of a complete professional head-end into a single compact module, replacing the numerous splitters, combiners, amplifiers, and cables that make up a typical distribution system. The Crestron MM-HTDR MediaManifold® Cable Analyzer is a portable handheld device used to determine the length and integrity of RG6 cable runs.

The Crestron MediaManifold is designed to drive signals and set levels individually for each RG6 coaxial homerun - up to 300 feet - to ensure a clean, full-bandwidth signal at every TV throughout the home. MediaManifold delivers high power and headroom, low noise and low distortion, providing exceptional performance for distributing both analog and digital cable TV signals. Setting proper gain and tilt levels are easy using the built-in automatic calibration, or the optional handheld cable analyzer.

Instead of several separate amplifiers and splitters, the MM-DS-12 is a single, compact surface-mount module. In addition to its 12 independent outputs, an additional output is provided for cable modem and digital phone, and an external modulator can also be connected to enable signals from security cameras and other video sources to be combined and distributed along with the main cable TV channels.

Using "time domain reflectometry," the optional MM-HTDR Cable Analyzer can automatically set the optimum gain and tilt settings for each zone based on the length measured (up to 300 feet maximum). When used in conjunction with the MM-DS-12 MediaManifold CATV Distribution System, the MM-HTDR can also be used to determine if a cable is shorted and where exactly the cable short has occurred. Single-button operation makes it simple to set up a complete MediaManifold system.


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