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Contact: Joyce Essig | 800.237.2041, ext. 10439 | jessig@crestron.com

June 3, 2003

Crestron Introduces One-Of-A-Kind UPX2 Universal Presentation System

Converging all of today's presentation technologies into a single device to select, control, display and annotate from a tablet-style touchscreen, this powerful new system establishes its own unique product category

ORLANDO, INFOCOMM 2003 (Booth #2022) - Crestron has chosen InfoComm 2003 to introduce a product that is not only unique to the A/V industry, but also establishes a new market in presentation technology - the UPX2 Universal Presentation System.

The All-In-One Presentation Tool
The new Crestron UPX2 Universal Presentation System converges all of today's presentation technologies into a single system, putting more power than ever at the user's fingertips.

The UPX2 is a DualTouch® Technology touchpanel and processor that replaces the streaming media client, Web browser, multi-window touchpanel, pen-based tablet, video switcher, line doubler and de-interlacer, projector/display scaler, and annotation, plus a documentation/capture device.

Deciding What The Audience Sees
From a podium or desktop, presenters can now control the environment and AV devices such as DVDs, VCRs, computers and streaming media, while seamlessly routing any of these sources to the audience via a large screen display.

With Internet Explorer® and Windows Media Player® built-in and available for viewing locally, or by the audience, the UPX2 puts you in complete control of your presentation resources.

Composite video, S-video and RGB sources can be displayed in up to three real-time scalable video windows for easy management and cueing. A simple touch switches any video/computer source to the audience.

DualTouch™ Technology
Crestron's exclusive DualTouch Technology puts the finishing touch on this incredible system. Using your finger, touch the panel to close the drapes or preset the lights, select a video source or even display your laptop on screen. With the included pen, the user can simply touch the screen and the UPX2 automatically switches to annotation mode.

The presenter can write over any video or computer source, even the on-board Web browser, while the audience watches, or electronically make notes over an Excel® spreadsheet from a laptop by simply plugging it into the UPX2.

No special software is required to annotate over any computer displayed on the UPX2. Touch the "Save It" button, and the UPX2 stores your onscreen video or laptop display, including annotation in JPEG or HTML format, and stores it to a network drive or any format of portable flash card that can plug into the UPX2 via the USB, Firewire, or PCMCIA ports.

Power and Flexibility
The output of the UPX2 is scalable from 800x600 to 1600x1200 to match the native resolution of your plasma or projector. All video sources are internally routed through Crestron's advanced de-interlacing and line doubling technology, with 3:2 pulldown detection and motion compensation for improved video image rendering to the audience.

The UPX2 not only manages your media, it handles the scaling of virtually any computer input and delivers an incredible picture for composite, S-video, and component video sources.

Powered by an Intel® Pentium® processor and Microsoft Windows XP® Embedded operating system, the UPX2 combines digital video processing and switching technology with power and flexibility.

Windows® XP Embedded Operating System
Control system manufacturers have used embedded operating systems for many years. With the advent of streaming media, web browsing and networking in the world of A/V and presentations, along with its seamless compatibility with the ActiveX-based Crestron e-Control®2 applications, this rich feature set was chosen for the UPX2.

The Windows XP Embedded operating system is a componentized version of XP that enables developers to select only features needed for customized, reduced-footprint embedded devices. It includes full driver support of USB, 1394 and 802.11a/b/g.

Since it uses no moving parts, the UPX2's hard drive will not crash, ensuring complete reliability and performance.

Inputs, Outputs and Memory
The UPX2 processor is a 4 x 2 matrix that has 2 RGBHV inputs, 2 Video/S-Video/Component Inputs, 2 RGBhV outputs, a USB port, a Firewire port, 2 PCMCIA slots and 10/100 Ethernet.

Its Flash memory and RAM are both expandable to 512 MB. The UPX2 has a protected memory system that will only run Crestron Certified applications, ensuring the optimum, most reliable operating system format.

For more information on Crestron's revolutionary new UPX2 Universal Presentation System, converge on Booth #2022 at InfoComm 2003 or visit www.crestron.com.


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